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Hello! My name is Arnette or better known as Round The World Girl. I am part of the new trend of travelers that have a discerned taste for fashion, food, and unforgettable experiences yet are neither budget backpacker nor crazy high-end luxury. I’m what you call a real traveler. I look for great bargains but I will always splurge big for a great experience. I’ll eat everything from street food to Michelin-starred meals. I love to partake in activities that will provide lifelong memories that I can share with friends and family. I live for experiences.

How did you get the name Round The World Girl??

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After going through a life changing experience in 2009, I decided to take a career break in 2011. I left for a round the world trip that would end up taking me through 19 countries in 19 months. When I returned from traveling, I decided not to go back to cubicle life. Prior to my trip, I worked in the sports and fashion industries working with different brands and publications. I was a trend forecaster for companies like Vice and I also produced special events and parties for companies like Nike. I am now based in southern California and work freelance. I do everything from social media and marketing consulting, brand strategy, travel writing, and copywriting.

Prior to setting off for my round the world trip, I decided not to start a blog. I thought about it but I really wanted to experience life on the road without constantly worrying about documenting everything. I shot thousands of photos and wrote some notes here and there but I used my time to immerse myself in my local surroundings and really unplug. As someone who blogs about travel now, I know how much it changes the experience.

When I returned from my trip, family and friends would often ask for recommendations about places I traveled. I have always been that person who leaves reviews and shares tips. I started this blog as a permanent place to share not only my findings and personal experiences but anything else I think may be useful to others for their travels and life. I am also trying to incorporate more about my non-travel life since I’m trying to cut down on being on the road so much.

I hope that my blog is helpful and inspires you to travel more whether it be across the world or just within your local area.

Please enjoy and come back often!

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**Disclaimer: Due to the nature of my work, I am often gifted products, am invited to events, or go on sponsored media trips. I still consider my blog a place where I share only the best recommendations for my family and friends. I am very particular about what I do, what I purchase, and what I share with my personal networks. Anything on this site is a reflection of myself. I do not endorse things that I have not experienced or would recommend to my close, personal network or family. 

Emails for my newsletter, ebook, or contests are private and never shared with any other parties. I hate spam myself so I promise never to spam you!**