Phuket: Top 10 Things To Do In 72 Hours

Top 10 Things To Do In Phuket Thailand |
Traveling to Phuket?

If you’re planning a trip to Thailand going to Phuket, here are some activities that I recommend. I went three years ago with the sole purpose of surfing but this time, I wanted to see more of the area rather than just the beach. My friends and I went over for a weekend during our trip to Asia and had about 64 hours, yet we managed to get a lot covered.

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And the list!!
1. Take in a view

While Phuket has a bad rep for some things, it is also popular for a reason. You can find some really beautiful scenery to look at!

Phuket Beautiful Andaman Sea

2. Drink as much fresh coconut as you can

I used to hate coconut anything as a child. My mom thought something was wrong with her Asian child. Just in the last few years, I’ve become obsessed with the fruit. I love coconut water and juice and anything with coconut. So when I’m in Thailand I order fresh coconut juice all day long!

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Thai coconut juice is the best! Drinking coconut at Point Yamu by Como Hotels

3. Watch a Muay Thai match

We watched a match at Patong Boxing stadium. I definitely recommend watching some fights if you have time.

Phuket Num Noi Singpatong Gym

A Muay Thai match with a side of beer

4. Go train at a Muay Thai gym! I recommend Singpatong

While I didn’t train on this trip, I would consider doing some training at Singpatong in the future. Mind you this is a professional fighter’s gym but the people who run this gym are amazing and do wonderful work within the boxing community so I can’t help but promote them. If you’re looking for a legit gym in Phuket, please support this one.

Singpatong Muay Thai Gym Phuket

I fully back Singpatong gym! The people behind it are amazing

5. Go see the Big Buddha

Big Buddha Phuket

It’s touristy, but I enjoy seeing all the different Buddhas in Asia

View From Big Buddha Phuket

And from this Buddha in Phuket, you also get this view

6. Gorge on delicious Thai food

I’m pretty sure everyone loves Thai food!! It is definitely one of my favorite parts about visiting the country. It tastes so much better there.

Phuket Point Yamu by Como

We snacked at Point Yamu by Como Hotels. Such a great hotel!

Natural Restaurant Phuket

Natural Restaurant in Old Town. Our local friend ordered for us. Get the green mango salad!

7. Go to the beach! 

Obviously!! While I didn’t have time this past trip to go to the beach, on my RTW I stayed in Kata so that I could surf Kata Beach and just have a lot of beach time.

Kata Beach Phuket Thailand

Kata Beach

8. Explore Phang Nga Bay

I also recommend boating in Phang Nga Bay. Our friend took us on a speedboat, but you can join in on a tour if you’re on a budget. Click here for to see some photos from our outing there. I highly recommend getting out on the water and stopping at Panyee Island, a floating fishing village for lunch.

Phang Nga Bay

9. Visit Old Town

Phuket Old Town

Old Town is a really cool area. I love the Sino-Portuguese architecture there. It’s a definite gem of Phuket. If you go on the weekend at night, there’s a night market with lots of snacks and things to buy. Click here to see more.

10. Get as many massages and spa treatments as you can! 

Beauty treatments and massages are really cheap in Thailand. I absolutely love Thai massages and going to the spa, so I go crazy when I’m in Thailand. I pay anywhere from $90 – 200 here in North America and pay about $15 for a 2 hour in Thailand. When I was on my RTW I got a massage every day for the 30 days I was in Thailand and we got one every day I was in Phuket this past September. This is the time to splurge!

A Thailand Must Do: Get A Thai Massage

Waiting for my massage

Spa Treatments Phuket

Who’s a happy girl about to get a Guinot facial for $30

Spa Treatments Phuket Thailand

Oh la la!  A foot massage and soak for less than $10

When I went to Phuket on my RTW trip, I had a very bad opinion of it. My biggest concern then and now was avoiding Patong’s Bangla Road. I don’t care to party in the red light district, see ping pong bars, the sex trade, and such. I was happy to spend time with local friends and see a nicer side of Phuket. I’m keen on going back again and exploring and sharing more.

Do you have other recommendations for Phuket?

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Top 10 Things To Do In Phuket Thailand |

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