5 Predictions For Travel By The Year 2030

5 Predictions For Travel By The Year 2030

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Marriott Rewards Credit Card from Chase. All opinions are 100% mine.

Do you ever think about what travel will be like in the future? What about 15 years from now?

I don’t often think about the future of travel because I am always focusing on the present. I barely think about where I’m traveling in the next year let alone 15 years from now. When I look back and compare how my parents traveled or even what travel was like when I was a child, compared to how I am traveling now, it has surely come a long way.

A new survey released by Marriott Rewards Credit Card from Chase asked Americans to imagine the near future and predict what the travel experience could look like by the year 2030. From unique travel experiences to putting the real in virtual reality, the top predictions reveal some surprises.

Here are 5 predictions that people think will happen by 2030, if not sooner:

1. Digital Payments: Over half (58%) of all Americans predict smartwatches and other mobile payment options will rise in popularity for travelers.

Like many others, I’m addicted to my smartphone. I use an iPhone and am already using Apple Pay when I shop. I think that more and more people will want to carry fewer cards with them for security reasons and just carry their phones.

2. Digital Passports and Face Recognition: Some 58% of travelers surveyed believe passports could become available for digital devices and 50% believe human face recognition technology could replace passports altogether.

As someone who has worked at the airport and had my fingers and retinas scanned, I can see facial recognition becoming the norm as official identification. Travel documents like passports can be easily stolen but your face? Not so much! It’s definitely more secure which will give a lot of people peace of mind.

3. Personalized Mobile Travel Guides: Nearly half (47%) of all travelers believe personalized mobile travel guides will become available in the future.

Who wants to carry a big heavy travel guide when they are on the road? Not me! Companies like Lonely Planet are already available for purchase on digital readers or on smartphones and it seems like every day there’s a new travel guide app being launched. I have even my first downloadable travel guide for friends and readers to take along on their trips.

4. Hologram Personal Trainers: 37% of travelers think a hologram of a personal trainer will help them get their exercise.

I’m a big fan of exercise apps to help me stay on track with my fitness when I travel. I was reading about celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson who does Skype sessions with her clients when they are not able to see her in person. So I can see the movement towards a virtual trainer to work out within the privacy of your hotel room.

5. Extreme Hotel Experiences: About half of all travelers (51%) believe extreme hotel experiences, such as a private hut over the ocean or taking a zip line to your tree house will be possible.

Sonora Resort | www.rtwgirl.com

Some of these experiences mentioned above are already available. There are already over water bungalows in tropical destinations like the Maldives and Fiji. Just this summer I went to a luxury resort in Canada that is only accessible by helicopter or boat (seen above). People are traveling more and more and want unique vacations and unforgettable memories.

Here are two predictions from the list that I think will definitely take more than 15 years to happen:

1. Space Travel: 35% of those surveyed believe it’s a possibility to travel to a destination in space–with men more likely to make this prediction than women  (40% of men vs 29% of women).

With all the new discoveries happening in outer space recently, travel outside of Earth will happen, but perhaps not in my lifetime. Has anyone else even walked on the moon since 1972?!

2. Transatlantic Trains and Flying Cars: Travelers were skeptical that transatlantic trains (26%) and flying cars (24%) will become travel options by 2030.

I too am skeptical about transatlantic trains and flying cars. As much as I love cartoons and movies with flying cars, I don’t think the technology will available to us anytime soon. As a train travel fan, I love the idea of a train from America to Europe but I think the environmental impacts would be too great.

Here are all the findings in an easy to read infographic:


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What predictions do you have for the future of travel? 

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