While I was in the Yukon in the summer of 2017, my group and I took a flightseeing tour to Fort Selkirk. We were scheduled to go to Kluane National Park but due to inclement weather, our flight and trip were canceled. I was pretty heartbroken since I was excited to go to another national park in Canada. We had a few hours to ourselves before a new plan was set in place and then we were surprised with a chartered flightseeing tour by Tintina Air to Fort Selkirk. Follow

I’m sure most of you have heard of the lodging company Air BNB but have you tried out Air BNB Experiences? I came across Air BNB while was traveling on my round the world trip in 2011 but it was not as popular in the countries that I was visiting but now the company has exploded worldwide. Back in 2014, Air BNB started offering experiences in different cities. I happen to have a credit in my account that was expiring while I was in Madrid but didn’t need a place

Are you heading out on a long-haul flight soon? Last fall I flew from San Diego to Spain and I wanted to share a packing list of my long-haul flight essentials. I test out a lot of products to see what works for me and my situation so this list tends to be my go-to items to ensure a comfortable flight no matter the length. DON’T FORGET TO SAVE THIS TO PINTEREST! My Long-Haul Flight Essentials Packing List Long-Haul Flight Essential #1 – Headphones I don’t like sticking things in

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