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Holtkamp Kroketten | www.rtwgirl.com

Cleaning up the old Euro hard drive and I came across some great photos of when I was in Amsterdam. I don’t talk about Europe nearly enough but I did enjoy the time I had there with the friends I made or met up with. They were such lovely hosts, especially my friend Mattijs (pronounced Ma-tesh). Mattijs and I met in Bali, my first round there. We were both solo travelers who crossed paths at the right time, spent time drinking Bintangs, partying, and also chilling out. We exchanged information  and kept in touch. When I was in Belgium, I reached out to meet up for a drink or food. One thing I remember well about Amsterdam was a place Mattijs took me to for kroketten.

What is kroketten

Kroketten is a croquette. It is a small ball of food that is rolled up then covered in breadcrumbs and then fried. Inside is usually mashed potatoes or with ground meat or seafood, cheese, vegetables, and then mixed with a béchamel or brown sauce.

It was a place called Holtkamp, a patisserie around the corner from his place. They are also famous for their pastries and sweets as well as their kroketten or a Dutch croquette. I would pop in here to have a savory snack of a veal or shrimp croquette and then scoot off to explore Amsterdam.

Holtkamp Kroketten | www.rtwgirl.com

If you like breaded cheesy things, these krokettens are the bbbbbbbomb!

Trust me and go here if you are headed to Amsterdam. I can’t remember the exact price for each but just a couple Euros. A good snack to take on the road till you find stands of oliebollen, poffertjes, and other delicious Dutch street food. Oh boy…those Dutch know how to take care of munchies!


Vijzelgracht 15
1017 HM Amsterdam, Netherlands
+31 20 624 8757


Holtkamp Kroketten | www.rtwgirl.com

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