Animal Restaurant Los Angeles – Don’t Take Your Vegan Friends Here

Animal Restaurant Los Angeles |

Last week I went out for my birthday meal in with some friends to Animal in Los Angeles. It’s located on Fairfax in the Mid-City district of LA. I don’t consider myself a foodie but I judge my food on whether I am happy at the end of the meal. I went with two of my oldest friends and we ordered eight dishes to share with some wine and champagne. A lot of chefs come here to eat on their days off and it’s somewhat of a hot spot even though it’s been open for a while. As we were getting seated, the mayor of LA, Eric Garcetti, had just finished dining. Reservations weren’t difficult so I was quite pleased.

Animal, just as the name says, serves all parts of the animal. There are a few vegetable dishes and desserts on the menu as well. The menu the night we went had chicken liver toast, pig tails, pig head, bone marrow, beef heart, veal brains, veal tongue, sweetbreads, rabbit legs. I wouldn’t suggest this place to a vegan haha. I would definitely go back and I was more impressed that I heard Tupac and Outkast while I was eating. Thumbs up Animal!

Animal Restaurant Los Angeles |

Chicken Liver Toast

Animal Restaurant Los Angeles |

Here, the balsamic pork ribs, delicata squash, and spiced pecans

Animal Restaurant Los Angeles |

Bone marrow, chimichurri, and caramelized onions

Animal Restaurant Los Angeles |

Local burrata, escarole, katsuobushi, green garlic, leeks and jalapeno

Animal Restaurant Los Angeles |

Lettuce, beets, avocado, pita, feta, creamy sumac


435 N. Fairfax Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90036

(323) 782 9225

Open seven days per week. Sunday-Thurs 6pm-11pm. Friday and Saturday 6pm-1am

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