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Planning a trip to New Zealand? Here are some Auckland travel tips! After a long flight from Los Angeles and a layover in Fiji, I finally got arrived in New Zealand. It was the first of 19 countries on my round the world trip. I don’t buy guidebooks but do a lot of internet research before I get to a new place. I like things to be seamless and as stress-free as possible, so before I arrive I always research how to get into town from the airport. I look at airport websites and travel message boards for this type of information. I didn’t spend too much time in Auckland sadly so I wanted to share a few tips that may be of help.

From the Auckland airport, I took the Skybus into the city. It was $16 one way or $26 return (2011 pricing). I knew I was flying out of Auckland to Sydney on my round the world ticket eventually so I bought the return ticket to save money. It was the cheapest and easiest way to get into downtown Auckland from the airport especially after flying from Los Angeles. My accommodation was within one of the bus drop zones and I had a wheelie luggage, so walking to my accommodation with my things was not a problem. You can buy a ticket from the Airbus Express kiosk at the airport, from the driver, or online.

Helpful tip: There are 30 minutes of free wifi at the Auckland Airport.

Helpful tip: Coffee is fantastic in New Zealand so you’ll not find too many Starbucks. If you’re in search of free wifi, look for McDonald’s.

New Zealand

A Maori carving to welcome you to the Auckland Airport

Helpful tipI withdraw a little bit of money from an ATM at the airport so that I have cash on hand for transportation to my destination whether it be the bus, taxi, or shuttle. It’s always handy to have the currency of the country you are entering rather than foreign currency so you can get to where you need to go. You may want to take out a larger sum of money in one go to avoid so many fees but I have a Charles Schwab account that does not charge me any ATM fees worldwide. It helps to have a debit card with that doesn’t charge fees or has less. My other bank account through Chase charges me $5 when traveling out of the country.

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Getting around: The Link bus is the easiest way to get around Auckland. Look for the red, green, or yellow buses. It’s the most budget-friendly way to get around. Uber now exists in Auckland so if you’d rather not take the bus or are in a rush, download the Uber App (for first time users, get a discount off your first ride by using my referral code: uberrtwgirl).

Helpful tip: Food can be pretty pricey in New Zealand, look for lunch specials or happy hours. If you have access to a kitchen, shop at a grocery store and make food. If you’re a meat eater, I do recommend having some lamb when you’re in New Zealand as well as loads of wine!

Ponsoby Auckland

Ponsonby area of Auckland. A ‘hood with cool shops, cafes, and restaurants.

Auckland Travel Tips |

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