August 2015 In Instagram Photos

August 2015 Instagram Photos

I’ve decided to do monthly recaps from my Instagram as a post. I am sure some of you have been over to my account but it’s a sense of where I’ve been traveling or some throwbacks. I hope you enjoy and if you’ve not visited my Instagram account, I’ve linked all my social below. Happy Instagramming!

Here’s August 2015:

Ahhhh BC Day!! This is what it means to me. Summertime fun and frolicking, warm weather and long days. I wanted to join in with these kids in the Coal Harbour water park but I wasn’t appropriately dressed and had a while to go before my night was over.

Happy BC Day!! Sharing major love for my home province of British Columbia. I have been living in California for almost 9 years minus some travel but nothing is better than summer at home in the PNW. I come home to my Pops, family, and friends at least 3 times a year but summer is my favorite. The sun sets after 9 or even 10, patios are busy, and the stone fruit from the Okanagan cannot be missed! Had to share this photo from my recent trip up to Whistler. We stopped at Shannon Falls along the Sea to Sky Highway coming south and decided to go to the base of the falls. I definitely recommend not wearing white shorts!

Nothing like catching that good light. The Breakwater at Ogden Point in Vic

Glassy!!!!! I was driving along Beach Drive in Oak Bay the other day and I had to stop and take a photo of the harbour. I loved how classy the water looked so I jumped out of the car and took this with my GoPro

Started at the bottom, now we here. Sorry for the Drake quote but you know…I hiked up to Mount Douglas this morning in Victoria BC for this view. Used my new Olloclip Ultra Wide Angle Lens for this shot

Where’s your favorite spot on the Oregon Coast? I wrote a blog post and shared more photos from this quiet little town on the Oregon Coast. It’s a new favorite and I’m sure glad I stopped for a night on my solo road trip up the coast. I know Cannon Beach in the north is popular but what’s better than a desolate beach

What are ewe looking at? Get it? Hahaha. Throwback visiting my pal Andrew who I met in Spain at his family’s place in Mansfield, Australia on my RTW trip 4 years ago. Wow that’s flown by!
True story: I went to Stanley Park to see if I could get a whale siting and instead I saw Downtown Deer! Apparently this guy swam over from the North Shore and is currently living in the park. Don’t feed him!! He needs to learn to survive on his own. Shot this with my Olloclip Telephoto Lens.

There’s a reason why Stanley Park was voted world’s favorite park. It’s definitely mine.

What did you get up to this weekend?? The highlight of my weekend was eating ice cream with my Pops. He lives in a seniors home and they had a social open house for family. He always hid his love of treats but I know he’s where I got my sweet tooth. I never ever get a cone or sprinkles but when I hang out with him I always feel like I’m still 12.

Throwback Vietnam vibes. I first learned to surf at the Shack Vietnam at Bai Dai Beach near Nha Trang

Sometimes it’s just about waiting for the right moment. Vancouver Convention Centre.

Throwback peace signs outside the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain on my solo round the world trip.

Vancouver sunset vibes

When I saw this offsite Vancouver Art Gallery piece by Reena Saini Kallat, I knew I had to take a photo here. I love maps because they induce great wanderlust within me. Part of coming home to Vancouver was to renew my passport because it was expiring. I have a new one so I’m ready for new travel adventures!!! Now where should I go? It needs new stamps!

The hardest thing in life is to know which bridge to cross and which to burn. Vancouver Part 4. It’s been a while since I went to Lynn Valley which is on the North Shore of the city, but this summer I went twice and both taking out of town pals. So glad I did I was a tour guide but wish I had time to hike the area. Thanks to Christy from Ordinary Traveler for shooting this.
Do you like riding the rails? I finally wrote about my epic train trip from last month with the Rocky Mountaineer. This photo is of Wapta Lake in Field, British Columbia which is in Yoho National Park. Isn’t it gorgeous?

An Instagram game changer for sure!! Long photos need not be squared off anymore!! Had to reshare one of my favorite photos from last year when I was exploring BC. I stopped in at Cathedral Grove in MacMillan Provincial Park to see and hug some trees. This beauty is over 800 years old!

I’ve been in Portland hanging out for the past week. I am visiting with different friends, eating lots of ice cream and donuts, doing some tax free shopping, even go to see Lebron James at Nike Headquarters, and smelled the roses (literally and figuratively). So happy I randomly came across Rocky Butte when I was doing errands because checking out beautiful views when I travel are my jam.

Dahlias on dahlias on dahlias. I drove down to Canby to check out the dahlia festival at Swan Island Dahlias.
I hope that you have enjoyed traveling with me this August. It’s been a really great summer. I spent a ton of time in Canada exploring and with my family. I hope you had a great August too!!
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