Baggu Bags: Why These Are Perfect Bags For Everyday And Travel!

Are you familiar with Baggu? They make reusable totes that come in a million colors and come in a tiny pouch in order to fit in a small purse. There is no excuse to get a plastic bag at the grocery store or market anymore! They even make canvas and leather bags as well as other things to stay organized.

During my round the world trip, I carried two of their nylon bags with me. I always had one in my purse for random stops at the market and then I also used one as a catch-all for my laundry and to carry everything to the cleaners. They even make canvas bags. I used their duck tote (seen below) for half of my RTW trip. It’s super sturdy and made of a heavy canvas but still washable. I carried my camera (wrapped up in a sweater) and a magazine. It’s long enough to fit a laptop too if you need. Travel Style

Here I am at the Central Mosque in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with said duck tote!

Packing Grid

Here’s a packing grid from a trip to Vancouver. The flash of neon is my Baggu tote


When I was in HK I spied this Baggu x Monocle collabo (photo credit:

Do you use a reusable tote bag? I hope you do. Plastic bags accumulate in landfills and nothing is worse than seeing animal or sea life entangled in a plastic bag. If you need one or need one that you can bring around easily, I can’t say enough about how much I love Baggu.




Why I Always Pack A Baggu Bag When I Travel |

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