Bahasa: Words And Phrases For Your Trip To Bali

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Heading to Bali soon? Learn some Bahasa words & phrases for your trip!

I think it’s pretty vital to learn a few basic words and phrases when you travel to a foreign country where they speak a different language. In some countries, there are bigger language barriers than others and in some places, it’s almost like you need to appease the locals (*cough cough Paris*). Since I stayed in Bali for four months, I learned quite a few Bahasa phrases from my local friends and just spending time there. I do look like a local when I am quite tanned so it was handy when buying things and getting a local price.

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Here are some Bahasa keywords and phrases for your Bali trip:

Hello > Halo

Goodbye > Selamat tinggal (se la mut ting gul)

Good morning > Selamat pagi (se la mut pah gee)

Good afternoon > Selamat Siang (se la mut sigh ung)

Good night > Selamat malam (se la mat mah lahm)

How are you? > Apa kabar (ah pah ka bar)

I am fine > Kabar baik  (ka ba ba eek)

Good > Bagus
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What is your name? > Siapa nama anda (sigh ah pa na ma ahn da)

My name is “Arnette”> Nama saya Arnette (nah ma sigh ya)

Nice to meet you! > Senang berkenalan dengan anda (seh nung bur ken a lahn deng ahn ahn da)

See you later! > Sampai jumpa lagi (sum pie jum pah la gee)

Goodbye (said to people leaving) > Selamat jalan (se lah mut jah lan)

Goodbye (said to people when leaving) > Selamat tinggal (se la mut ting gul)

I don’t understand > Saya tidak mengerti (sigh ya tee duk meng gur tee)

I don’t know > Saya tidak tahu (sigh ya tee duk  ta ooo)

I do not speak Indonesian > Saya tidak mergerti bahasa (sigh ya tee duk meng gur tee ba ha sa)

Thank you > Terima kasih (teh ree ma ka see)

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You’re welcome > Kembali (chem ba lee)

Sorry > Ma’af (Ma uf)

Be careful > Hati hati! (hah tee hah tee)

How much? > Berapa (burr ra pa)

Only looking > Lihat saja (lee hut sa jah)

It’s too expensive > Terlalu mahal (ter la loo ma hal)

Menu please > Saya mau daftar makanan minta (sigh ya mao duf tar ma ka nun min ta)

Bon appetit/Enjoy your meal > Selamat makan (se lah mat mah can)

I would like to drink water/beer/tea/coffee > Mau minum air/beer/teh/kopi (mao mee noom uh eer/brrr/teh/ko pee)

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I want the bill, thank you > Saya mau rekening, terima kasih (sigh ya mao reh ken ning, te ree mah ka see)

Where is the toilet? > Dimana kamar kecil (dee ma na kah mar ke chill)

Where is the beach? > Dimana pantai (dee ma na pan tye)

How far is it? > Berapa jauh dari sini? (Bear ra pa jow da ree see nee)

And a super vital phrase for me in Bali!: One more small/big bintang please > Saya lagi Bintang kecil/besar

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