Basics By Everlane

Are you familiar with the brand Everlane?

I’m always on the hunt to find a good basic (read: plain) clothing that can work with my wardrobe for any occasion. I came across the brand Everlane from reading some style blogs. I’m a huge t-shirt fan and my style is very casual. I don’t like to get too dressed up. Nothing spells classic like a perfect white tee to me. Besides everyday life, basics are very good for travel. You can always dress up shirts and look more pulled together with a blazer or a jacket or even a scarf. I always pack a handful of tees when I travel. I always pack black and white shirts and if I’ve got other colors, then I’ll pack those too.

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Everlane is a basics brand label based in San Francisco that only sells online. They cut out the middleman and this makes their clothing and accessories more affordable. I used to buy James Perse shirts. They are amazing, last forever but then again cost $50. I bought a black James Perse v-neck on my RTW trip. That’s 19 months of wearing the same black v-neck week in and week out. I’m serious. When you break down the cost, $50 isn’t much. But can I find a shirt or equivalent style that will cost less? So I decided to give Everlane a shot.



everlane u

Here’s the U neck

So far, so good. I ordered the short sleeve sweatshirt, the slouchy pocket tee, a black u neck, a white v neck. I’ll tell you how the others go. I’ll tell you how they go but if you want to order them and try them out too, here’s a link.

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