Where To Find The Best Spanish Tortilla In San Sebastian, Spain

Bar Zabaleta Tortilla San Sebastian | www.rtwgirl.com

Have you ever had Spanish tortilla before? 

Lately, I have been fondly remembering different places that I ate and frequented on my round the world trip. One of my favorite breakfasts while I was in Spain, was the “tortilla”. It is probably not the flatbread you are thinking that is common in Mexican food. A Spanish tortilla is an omelet with potato.


Every morning while I was staying in San Sebastian in the north of Spain, I ate one or even two. I would eat my tortilla with a cafe con leche from Bar Zabaleta, a bar across the street from my accommodations. I am not a Spanish pintxos expert but something about Zabaleta’s tortilla made it the best. I had eaten them at almost all the pintxo bars in San Sebastian. I can’t share the owner’s secret (my friend ended working for him for a bit) but his method gives it a more creamy texture, flavorful taste, and rich coloring. Just looking at this photo makes me crave that tasty little slice. If you are planning a trip to San Sebastian, try one. I know that you will agree with me!

Bar Zabaleta

Zabaleta Kalea 51
Donostia-San Sebastián
Spain (a block behind Zurriola beach)

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