Have you ever had Spanish tortilla before?  Lately, I have been fondly remembering different places that I ate and frequented on my round the world trip. One of my favorite breakfasts while I was in Spain, was the “tortilla”. It is probably not the flat bread you are thinking that is common in Mexican food. A Spanish tortilla is an omelet with potato. DON’T FORGET TO VISIT THESE OTHER HELPFUL POSTS: What To Eat In San Sebastian San Sebastian: Photo Inspiration For more travel tips and other destination guides Use this

Say no to large camera branded straps when you’re traveling! Talk about attracting the wrong attention. A gang of thieves followed me when I was traveling but luckily had all of my gear hidden in a backpack. They knew I was a tourist, hello…nice clothes and a Northface backpack and trailed me for a while but I wore them out by sitting in a public park beside some old looking grandmas for an hour. I used a plain black camera strap while on my RTW trip but recently received the “Sling” model by Dsptch.

We’re all pretty plugged in these days and when you travel sometimes it’s really tough to find enough outlets to plug into. You bring your laptop, your smartphone, your iPod charger, your camera battery charger, your tablet charger, etc. and sometimes there are only two plug outlets. One of my favorite items for travel is Monster’s Outlet To Go. I have stayed in hostels (yes hostels) where I am fighting a whole load of others for just one plug. I read on other travel sites and blogs that this could

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