Looking for some RTW trip tips? Pack a packable duffel bag!  People always ask me questions like what should I pack for their RTW trip or an extended trip? One of the many things I learned from travelling for so long was to bring a packable duffel bag. It was very handy several times on my round the world trip so I recommend others to pack one as well. When I was in Melbourne, Australia, I bought a packable duffel bag at an outdoor store called Kathmandu. Having a duffel

I have been to Ippudo Ramen in NYC several times now since I do love the broth, appetizers and desserts. I prefer to go at lunch because I am not down for their big ass line-ups these days. The last time I went with 2 of my local friends and we ordered a bunch of appetizers, bowls of ramen and a dessert. Above, the Shiromaru Hakata Classic Ramen. Photo credit: KayOne73 on Flickr The hirata bun appetizer. Steamed buns filled with your choice of pork or chicken. Photo credit: Food Nomad on Flickr  Shishito pepper

Have you ever had Spanish tortilla before?  Lately, I have been fondly remembering different places that I ate and frequented on my round the world trip. One of my favorite breakfasts while I was in Spain, was the “tortilla”. It is probably not the flat bread you are thinking that is common in Mexican food. A Spanish tortilla is an omelet with potato. DON’T FORGET TO VISIT THESE OTHER HELPFUL POSTS: What To Eat In San Sebastian San Sebastian: Photo Inspiration For more travel tips and other destination guides Use this

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