Prior to setting off for my round the world trip, I knew I was bringing a lot of gear and gadgets with me. I packed a DLSR, a pocket camera, an unlocked mobile phone, an iPod, and a laptop. I brought all these things because I wanted to take lots of photos and be in touch with my family and friends back at home. When I was packing up it was such a mess because I had so many cords and chargers to pack also. I needed something that would

Do you use packing cubes when you travel?  Before I left for my round the world trip I did a lot of research about packing and how to be more efficient. I knew that I would be on the road for a long time and I wanted to pack the right amount of things, the right things, and to stay organized. I had never used packing cubes before my round the world trip but I noticed that a lot of long-term travelers and backpackers use them to get and stay

In this day and age of traveling with a ton of gadgets, gear, and jet-setting, one of the biggest must travel must-haves is a universal travel plug adapter. This is an important essential for round the world trip since you’ll be in different countries with different voltage plugs.  AWESOME PRODUCTS THAT I USE ON EVERY TRIP! Travel Power Strip Global Plug Adapter GoPro Hero 4 Silver GoPro 3 Way Tripod Selfie Stick Sony RX100M3 – small mirrorless camera with excellent video capabilities Anker External Battery For Smart Phones, Tablets, and Action Cameras

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