Planning to visit Whitehorse? Last summer I visited the Yukon for the first time (definitely won’t be my last)! With most major flights flying into the territory’s capital of Whitehorse, you will be spending some time there. I actually did not spend very much time exploring the territory’s capital because it was more of my base for exploring other parts of the Yukon, but I did gather enough intel to share some of my favorite places with you. FOR MORE HELPFUL POSTS AND LINKS: For more travel tips and other

Tombstone Territorial Park. Have you ever heard of this place? I will admit that when I went to the Yukon Territory last summer, I had never heard of Tombstone Territorial Park before. Even though I grew up in Canada and studied geography in school, I don’t recall learning about it. I remember learning about Dawson City and the gold rush. As a Canadian, I knew about the capitals of each province and territory, so I knew about Whitehorse. And of course, I know you can view Aurora Borealis in northerly

Are you planning a trip to the Yukon? If you are heading up north and will be spending any time in Whitehorse, be sure to set aside some time for Carcross. The original name for this town is Caribou Crossing because caribou used to cross here! Now shortened to Carcross (even cooler sounding), this town, home to the Tagish First Nation, is about 46 miles (74 km) south and a great place to go for a few hours. It’s small but it’s super cute and there are several things to do

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