Are you planning a group travel with your friends or family? Most of my travel tends to be solo but there are occasions when I travel in a group. As a travel blogger, I do get invited on group trips with other bloggers or travel writers. And last year for the first time in ages, I traveled with some family members. Everyone has different personalities and also different needs when they travel so I wanted to share some tips on how to make your group trip as seamless as possible.

If you’ve followed along over the years, you may know that I have experienced a lot of loss in my life (the deaths of my bff and both my parents). I quit my job, sold my things, traveled around the world, started this blog, traveled more, and then went freelance. Traveling became my first priority. One thing that became a low priority in my life was my health. The ups and downs of grief and my nomadic lifestyle affected me in many ways but one was weight gain. With that weight

If you follow along on social media you may have noticed that I have scaled way back on travel this year. I’ve gone a few trips but I have mostly stayed local to Southern California and have been focused on getting healthy. I have actually become somewhat of a gym rat! Since I spend so much time at the gym, one thing I cannot live without is music for my workouts. I have reviewed Sudio Sweden Regent over-ear headphones and the Vasa Bla ear buds but I’m here to share

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