Last August while I was in the Yukon I rode the White Pass and Yukon Route Railway. If you love trains and/or love beautiful landscapes, I highly recommend this scenic Yukon rail experience. Head down below to see more photos and read about the train journey! Riding the White Pass and Yukon Route Railway I had never heard of the White Pass and Yukon Route Rail prior to arriving in the Yukon but I love train rides so I was really excited about going on it. My fellow travelers and

Today I am sharing my gym bag essentials. If you’ve come to my blog looking for travel content, don’t worry! That is still coming but as part of my resolution for my blog, I will be posting more lifestyle content. There will still be a lot of travel and adventures but I plan to share my other interests as well. I am trying to travel less. Well…I’m currently in Spain so I guess I am technically traveling but I have been more stationary and just enjoying being a local in a

Thinking about places to travel to in 2018? Last summer I went to my first Canadian territory, the Yukon. I was raised and spent most of my life in Canada but I had never visited the north until last year.  I had a week in the Yukon and I have to say it was absolutely spectacular. Would I go again? Yes, 100000%. Here are 5 reasons I think you should add the Yukon to your must-visit list. FOR MORE HELPFUL POSTS AND LINKS: For more travel tips and other destination

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