Are you planning a trip to the Yukon? If you are heading up north and will be spending any time in Whitehorse, be sure to set aside some time for Carcross. The original name for this town is Caribou Crossing because caribou used to cross here! Now shortened to Carcross (even cooler sounding), this town, home to the Tagish First Nation, is about 46 miles (74 km) south and a great place to go for a few hours. It’s small but it’s super cute and there are several things to do

Sunscreen. Do you wear sunscreen religiously? When I was younger I guess you could call me a tanaholic. I loved laying out in the sun and getting bronzed. When I didn’t know any better, I even used to go into tanning beds. I know that I have some sun damage on my face and body but now I am way more concerned about how I treat my skin as I get older. Having lived in California for the last twelve years I learned early on that I some color even

Last August while I was in the Yukon I rode the White Pass and Yukon Route Railway. If you love trains and/or love beautiful landscapes, I highly recommend this scenic Yukon rail experience. Head down below to see more photos and read about the train journey! Riding the White Pass and Yukon Route Railway I had never heard of the White Pass and Yukon Route Rail prior to arriving in the Yukon but I love train rides so I was really excited about going on it. My fellow travelers and

Today I am sharing my gym bag essentials. If you’ve come to my blog looking for travel content, don’t worry! That is still coming but as part of my resolution for my blog, I will be posting more lifestyle content. There will still be a lot of travel and adventures but I plan to share my other interests as well. I am trying to travel less. Well…I’m currently in Spain so I guess I am technically traveling but I have been more stationary and just enjoying being a local in a

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