Are you heading to the Big Apple and looking for New York coffee shops?  I have friends who are always headed to New York City and they’ll often ask me to for a list of recommendations for things to do and places to eat or drink. I visit at least once a year if not more and decided I need to share a New York coffee shop guide. It’s not the be all end all post for coffee (I mostly spend time in Manhattan) but just a go-to of my favorite spots when

Thinking about using Tinder when you travel? I wanted to share some Tinder travel tips for those who have not used it yet on the road!  What do you do when you spend a lengthy amount of time in a new place as a solo traveler and don’t know anyone but you are kind of over the whole solo vibe? I am a solo traveler at heart but I am also a very social person. As much as I love exploring alone and wandering through a museum without being rushed,

You know what I love? Travel stuff!!! I love things that help me when I’m traveling whether it be for protecting the nice gear that I already have or whether it helps keep me organized. Lewis N Clark reached out to me and sent over some product and I wanted to share a post with the products that I tested. Post updated May 2017 With New Gear Included!!!  Lewis N Clark Heavy-Duty Dry Bag When I was traveling on my round the world trip, one thing that I didn’t have and

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