Bruges: A Must When Visiting Belgium + Photo Inspiration

Bruges Belgium |
Are you planning to visit Belgium? Add Bruges to your itinerary!

While I post a lot about Asia because I spent over a year traveling there, I did spend 4 months of my round the world trip in Europe. One place I didn’t have prior plans to go but went and became very fond of is Bruges. I went to Brussels and had planned to visit for a few days when I changed my mind about staying. A lot of people had recommended Bruges and Ghent to me. I did quick research, booked a few nights at a hostel, and popped on a train.

Bruges is located in northwestern Belgium. The trains from Brussels leave the Brussels-Zuid/Brussels-Midi Station every half hour and if you are arriving from Paris, it is over 3 hours by train. When I took the train there, it was full, so the carriage was standing room only the entire ride. And because I arrived at night, I decided to take a taxi to my hostel since I didn’t know where I was going and I had a rolling suitcase with me.

Bruges is very walkable so if you have a backpack it is easy to walk to and from the train station. I had my rolling suitcase and the cobblestones would have been a pain in the ass, so I took a taxi. When I was leaving, the bus stop to the train station was just around the corner from my hostel so I rode it back to the station since this time I knew where I was going and it was daylight.

While I was in Bruges I befriended a couple of students from Asia in my hostel room. They were studying abroad in Spain and had a reading break. For 2 days we explored together, went to the Christmas market, visited museums, and ate a lot.

Here are some photos from my visit:

Brugge Belgium

Brugge Belgium

Beer wall in Bruges

Mmmmm beer!!

Fries Frites In Belgium

Belgian fries of course!

Belgian Waffle Gauffre

Gauffre or better known as a Belgian waffle

chocolate body parts in Belgium

Oh, those cheeky Belgians!

Church in Bruges

 Inside the Church of Our Lady

Bruges Belgium

Grote Mrkt in Bruges and the Belfry

Brugge Belgium Belfry

The Belfry at night

Bruges Christmas Market |

At the Christmas Market


Bruges: A Belgium Must Do |


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  • I love Bruges, it’a a charming city! And those chocolates seem pretty interesting, too:)!

    • It is very quaint and charming. Hah yes the chocolates…so cheeky!

  • Nice learning about these less-than-world-famous places that are just as pretty as the others that get all the tourist brochure attention. The world is getting busier, but it’s mostly in certain places.

    • Thanks! I love the unexpected and places I never planned to go to and ended up loving the most. Bruges was great. It is pretty touristy but it was quiet compared to Brussels or Antwerp. So close to Paris and Amsterdam, yet a lot of people leave Belgium out. I am growing more fond of beer so it was amazing for that factor alone.

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