Getting Pysched For Snowboarding With My Burton Gear

Getting Pysched For Snowboarding In My Burton Gear

Contrary to popular belief, I like snow. Yes, I often talk about my love of tropical islands and far off destinations, but hey…I’m Canadian. While I didn’t grow up skiing, I picked up snowboarding almost twenty years ago. Due to life circumstances and traveling hadn’t gone snowboarding in almost 5 years. I thought I was over it to be honest and even had a retirement talk with my best guy friend. Thanks to Burton, I’m back in love with it and hoping to get a bunch of days in this season.

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In January of this year, I was invited on a trip to go snowboarding up in Whistler, Canada. I was super excited because I love Whistler. It’s one of my favorite places in BC and in the winter, it’s paradise for skiers and snowboarders. It’s amazing all year round to be honest. After accepting the invitation, I went into my storage unit to look for my snowboard gear. I found my board, which barely gets used living in southern California. I couldn’t find my snowboard jacket and pants and everything else. I called my brother to see if I had left my gear at his place or with my dad. He said he didn’t have it. We figured that when my dad moved from his apartment to his seniors home and I wasn’t around to claim my things, he donated it to charity. Sad horns.

I put up a plea on Facebook asking to borrow gear for this trip. My sweet friend Cassie was kind enough to loan me some snowboard pants. My sister-in-law also said I could borrow some of her gear. I went to Uniqlo in LA to buy some of their heat tech thermal gear and I figured I was almost set. But then I received the most amazing message from my dear friend Annie. She works and has ties in the snowboard industry and made a call to my favorite snow brand Burton for me. She hooked up some gear for me!! It was like winning the winter lottery!! I was already leaving for my trip but luckily I live in Los Angeles and there’s a Burton shop right on Melrose Avenue. They sent me over to the shop to pick up some new gear for my trip!! Weeeeee!

If you live in southern California and are planning a snow trip and need gear, the Burton store in Los Angeles is awesome. Depending on time of year, they pretty much have the whole line at the to try on and test out. The sales associates are nice, knowledgable, and chill. They even have the cutest shop dog!

Here are some photos:

Burton Flagship Los Angeles

Burton Flagship Shop on Melrose Avenue

Los Angeles Flagship Shop Burton

Boards on boards on boards

Los Angeles Flagship Shop

Snowboard gear heaven

Shop Dog

The cutest shop dog!

Los Angeles Flagship Shop

Trying out gear in the shop

Anon Helmet

My first (gasp) helmet!

Party Socks

Party socks!!

Rocking my new Burton gear on Whistler

Who’s a happy camper on Blackcomb!

Snowboarding in Whistler

Burton head to toe with Olympian Julia Murray, my guide for the day on Whistler! Burton Girls Snowboard Outfit |

Some of my favorite apparel and accessories by Burton for this season (similar to mine):

  1. AK Flare Down Jacket
  2. AK Summit Pant
  3. Midweight Long Neck base layer
  4. Midweight pant base layer
  5. Party Socks
  6. Anon Galena Helmet
  7. Anon Goggles 

**Many thanks to my friend Annie for helping me and of course to Burton for the gear. As always, opinions expressed are solely my own. I love Burton and have been buying their gear since I started snowboarding. Snowboard gear by snowboarders! Support them!**

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