Last summer I experienced one of my biggest travel dreams when I saw the Northern Lights in Dawson City, Yukon. It was a big surprise because I was told not to expect them due to long summer days and very few hours of darkness. My travel group and I had just come back to our hotel after a fun night at Diamond Tooth Gertie’s Gambling Hall. I had stumbled home after a few drinks and then received a call that the Northern Lights were out. I quickly scrambled to collect

Smooth feet. Full disclosure: My feet are not so smooth right now. Sometimes they are but right now…no. In the winter when I am wearing socks and they are covered up they are smooth. But lately because of neglect, walking around barefoot all the time, and the constant pounding at the gym, I admit they are a bit dry and I even had a crack in them about a month ago. There are many causes of dry feet like genetics, health issues, etc. and I won’t get into that in this post

The last few years I have been focused on getting healthy and becoming a better version of myself daily. There are a handful of non-negotiable things I do every day without fail. I can’t function properly without doing these things and it almost seems as though my day does not go as well if I don’t. Follow me! Pinterest | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Bloglovin’ So here is my list of 5 non-negotiable things I must do daily! #1: Drink Water I haven’t always been a huge drinker

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