Millennium Park: A Must Visit Attraction In Chicago, Illinois

Cloud Gate Reflections - Millenium Park Chicago |
Heading to Chicago? Add Millennium Park to you to-do list!

When I was last in Chicago (May 2013), I didn’t post a lot of things from my visit so I wanted to share some photos of Millennium Park. I went to Chicago as a side trip when I was in Indiana for a root canal and to visit my relatives. I used to go to Chicago regularly for a while to visit friends, but I hadn’t been to Chicago in almost four years. I have this serious issue about never just going to one place. I guess it’s my nomadic nature. I thought to myself, “Well…Indianapolis IS only 2 hours away from Chicago. I might as well!”

When I was in the city, I called my friend Danny who I hadn’t seen yet to meet up with me. Over lunch, I told him that he had to come along with me on a touristy adventure around downtown Chicago. Poor guy!! Danny is a great friend, so of course, he was game. He let me drag him around Millennium Park to take photos and be a tourist with me. My dear friends amuse me but I think (and hope!) in the end they enjoy being a tourist in their own town as well.

Chicago is such an underrated city. If you’ve been I am sure you already love it and if you haven’t been, I’ll say I think it’s my favorite American city these days. Minus the winter weather, Chicago is perfect, especially for visitors from other countries! It’s easy to get around with public transport. The food scene in Chicago is incredible…warning you may gain 10 pounds on a week visit. If you’re into sports, it’s a sports mecca with the Bears, the Bulls, the Cubbies and the Sox. The architecture is amazing!! There’s a lot of cultural activities like musicals and ballet. The music scene is awesome. And last but not least, Chicagoans are so nice. People typically visit New York, San Francisco, and LA when coming to the US and skip Chicago. I think a lot of people would be pleasantly surprised with this gem of a city.

Here are some photos from my afternoon with Danny at Millennium Park. It’s a public park space along the Lake Michigan shoreline in the Loop area of downtown Chicago. It is a tourist attraction but it’s awesome and a can’t miss part of the city.

Some photos from exploring Chicago’s Millennium Park: 

Millennium Park Crown Fountain
Crown Fountain, an interactive public art and video sculpture in Millenium Park

Millennium Park Crown Fountain
The fountain’s video changes and features local residents’ images and is a water park where kids frolic as well

Jay Pritzker Pavilion Chicago
Built by architect Frank Gehry, the Jay Pritzker Pavilion is the centerpiece of Millenium Park and a music venue.

Chicago's Cloud Gate
Cloud Gate or the Bean!

Cloud Gate Wavy
Underneath Cloud Gate

Cloud Gate Reflections - Millenium Park Chicago |
Reflections of the city

RTWgirl Chicago Reflections
My friend Danny and I taking our reflections against Cloud Gate! Hi, Danny!!

RTWgirl Chicago
Up close and personal with Cloud Gate aka the Bean


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  • The Bean is so cool. There’s tons of people around it. Was it hard to get in a good photo?

    • Hi Nicole…There were so many people this time but it wasn’t too hard. I’ve stayed close by and visited on a really early morning walk and there’s still people but you can get a shot without anyone. I actually visited the iAmsterdam sign and got a shot of it sans anyone in the middle of the day. Luck I guess!

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