Eye-Fi: For The Sometimes Lazy Photographer In Me

Eyefi For Travel Bloggers Photo courtesy of Eye.fi

There are some days I don’t want to upload photos or blog. I’ll be honest, I get super lazy sometimes, actually a lot. Here is why the Eye-fi SD card is my best friend. What is Eye-fi you ask? They were the first memory card to automatically upload photos and videos via wifi. There are several companies that make these now and cameras even have apps that upload photos via wifi but they were the first.

I bought one a few years ago but the card was in one of my cameras that was stolen. Lucky for me I uploaded my photos on the regular. I didn’t replace it till now though. I bought one so that I could carry less things (card readers) and have photos and video uploaded to my Facebook, Flickr account or even my iPhone right away. I bought the Pro X2 card that includes RAW files and can also geotag photos.

To buy this handy tool for blogging and photography, click here.


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