Granville Island: Don’t Miss This Gem When Visiting Vancouver, Canada!

Granville Island Vancouver |

Planning a trip to Vancouver? Add Granville Island to your plans!

When friends or travelers ask me what to do in Vancouver, I give them a ton of recommendations but there a handful of things I think people can’t miss out on. One of those recommendations is visiting Granville Island. Yes, it is pretty touristy and very busy, but it is one of the places I always go when I go home to Vancouver. I have been going here since I was a child and I’m sure it’s somewhere I will continue to go forever. It is an amazing destination in the city to go whether you’re a solo traveler, a couple, a family, young, old, a beer lover, or a self-proclaimed foodie. It hits the spot for every kind of visitor!

Granville Island Vancouver |

Granville Island Vancouver |

View of the Granville Street Bridge and the Aquabus stop

Getting There

Whether you have a car or not, it’s pretty easy to get to Granville Island. If you have a car, you can drive there and self-park but during peak seasons or even weekends, parking can be a bit challenging. My tip is to wait for people who are coming to their car and somewhat follow them. One of my favorite ways to get to Granville Island is taking the Aquabus. If you’re coming from downtown or from Olympic Village, just head down to one of the stands and take this cute little water taxi over. You can also take the #50 city bus over. Click here for directions and bus schedules.

Check out this post about the Aquabus by clicking here.

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Granville Island Vancouver |

Loved by all and seagulls haha

Granville Island – Things To Do

  • Public Market: I love it here! I snack my way through the whole place picking up pastries, bread, salmon candy, donuts, candy, and more.
  • Farmers Market: On Thursdays usually from June through September.
  • Kids Market: I went here as a child and I totally recommend you come here with kids if you’re traveling with them.
  • Emily Carr University of Art and Design: Check out art by the students
  • Granville Island Brewery Company: Love craft beer? Head here for a tasting.
  • Railspur Alley: Visit the many artisans who have their own shops like the Artisan Sake Make, the Granville Island Broom Company, and Liberty Distillery. I’m a huge fan of the Artisan Sake Maker. Masa Shiroki makes his sake with rice that is grown in British Columbia! Very local!
  • Eat At One Of The Many Restaurants: Bridges, Dockside, Cats Social House, Edible Canada, Go Fish, and The Keg. My recommendations would be Go Fish, Dockside or Edible Canada.
Here are some photos from my hundreds of visits:

Granville Island Vancouver |

Lots of choices for eateries, no stomach will be denied!

Granville Island Vancouver |

Visit my friend’s butcher shop

Granville Island Vancouver |

Get sausages from Oyama! So good!

Granville Island Vancouver |

Granville Island is berry berry good!

Granville Island Public Market |


Granville Island Railspur Alley |

Artisan Sake Maker Granville Island Vancouver

BC made sake at Artisan Sake Market in Granville Island’s Railspur Alley

Granville Island Vancouver |

Macarons at L’Epicerie

Granville Island Vancouver |

Sea Cucumber at South China Seas Trading Company

Granville Island Dockside Restaurant |

Lunch of Haida Gwaii caught halibut fish and chips at Dockside

Granville Island Edible Canada |

Canadian products sold at Edible Canada

Granville Island Farmers Market |

Farmers Markets on Thursdays

Granville Island Os Gemeos |

Check out this Os Gemeos piece that was part of Vancouver’s Biennale

Granville Island |

A First Nations totem carving

Markets are one of my favorite places to visit when I travel. I love eating local food and people watching. Granville Island is not only a place I went to constantly as I grew up with but somewhere I continue to go even when I come back home to my hometown of Vancouver. It’s an awesome Vancouver gem and I’d hate for you to miss out on this awesome place!! Please visit!

Have you been to Granville Island? Did you like it?
Granville Island |

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