Guisados: One Of The Best Taquerias In Los Angeles

Guisados Tacos Los Angeles

Having resided in California for some time now, tacos are a regular part of my diet. They are quick and easy not to mention very delicious. And aside from places like Taco Bell and fast food chains, a lot of Mexican food can work for diets like clean eating. Proper tortillas (not flour) are made solely corn, lime, and water. Basic street tacos are made with a tortilla and filling, be it vegetables or meat. I can make a decent taco at home but in a pinch, I’ll go out to local spots and get tacos.

I’ve heard about Guisados for a very long time. I have never been because I tend to stay in the same zone when I’m in Los Angeles. I don’t often get Mexican food because I live in San Diego and we have our fair share of delicious gems. Guisados gets lots of love on sites like Yelp but LA Times critic and Pulitzer Prize-winning author Jonathan Gold loves it. And I love him.

When I was volunteering with the Inside Out Project crew, I was in Boyle Heights and not far from Guisados. It was an opportune time to get a quick snack and see what the fuss was all about.

My thoughts on Guisados??

The fuss is worth the drive. There is another location in Echo Park and Guisados just recently opened a downtown and West Hollywood location. The tacos at Guisados are made with fresh homemade tortillas and topped with homestyle braises. So more of a stewy type topping, rather than just grilled meat. Simple, to the point, and full of flavor. I had a steak picado and pescado taco to eat and a melon agua fresca to drink. I could have eaten more but I had early dinner plans. I will be back in a few weeks and trust me when I say I will be trying every taco.

Guisados Tacos Los Angeles

Steak picado and pescado taco

Guisados Tacos Los Angeles

Melon agua fresca. I want to try their Armando Palmer next

Guisados Tacos Los Angeles

The menu board

Hey, Vegans!!! They said that the vegetarian tacos can be made vegan by not adding the cheese. Guisados is rad like that!

Here’s a video of some entertainment while I was at Guisados. Eating tacos should always be this awesome.

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