Friends & Neighbours: Hootsuite Headquarters

I love seeing people in their place of work. I like to see where ideas spark and become something amazing. I am pretty lucky to have some really creative and talented friends who are doing interesting things and I love nothing more than sharing and promoting them with the rest of the world. Here is the second installment of my friend’s and neighbours feature. I hope you enjoy!!!

Whenever I come home to Vancouver, two people who I always see are my friends Helen and Mark. I met them at separate points in my life yet now they both work at Hootsuite and are good friends. If you aren’t familiar with the company (click here to see what it’s all about) it’s a social media management system. It’s been very cool to see a hometown company flourish and do so well.

I had been meaning to see Mark and his wife Meg while I am in town and he suggested that I come by to check out Hootsuite’s new office. I went by to say hello to both Helen and Mark at the end of their work day. I got to tour around the building and take pictures to share with you. Then Mark and I proceeded to have post work beers.

Here are some photos of their new home:

hootsuite Woodscape behind the reception desk. Owl-y wall in one of the meeting rooms

hootsuite Art in the foyer

hootsuite A studio space for yoga/exercise

hootsuite Meeting room

hootsuite Dining area. There’s a keg tap!

hootsuite office Desks on desks on desks

hootsuite office Campvibes meeting “rooms”

hootsuite roof A priceless Vancouver roof top view!!


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