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Ughhhh jet lag!!! I had a nasty case of it when I when I went to Hong Kong in 2014. I would wake up at around 4 am and just lay in my hotel bed staring at the ceiling. Do you suffer from jet lag when you travel overseas? I found it most difficult with travel to and from Asia, not as bad going to and coming from Europe.

I was traveling with companions and sharing a room during this trip to Hong Kong. I didn’t want to wake them up, so I would quietly change and then head out of the hotel. I would wake up around the same time for most of my stay in Hong Kong so I decided that I would wander the streets and take photos. The first morning I grabbed a coffee from my hotel but it wasn’t very good and was pricey. The days following I decided to hunt for coffee.

**Note: Coffee shops don’t open till 8 am in Hong Kong, at least in Kowloon. The only coffee I could find was my hotel at an exorbitant price or McDonald’s, and not even McCafe but regular McD’s drip. Sad face.**

The first morning I woke up as the sun was rising but the other days it was still dark when I left the hotel. I felt horrible but I still enjoyed being out and about at this hour. It’s such crazy, bustling city and it was amazing to see empty streets. I wasn’t worried about wandering around by myself as a woman and I was never ever bothered by anyone.

Jet lag series: Hong Kong

Avenue of Stars Hong Kong

Avenue of Stars on Kowloon side of HK


Bruce Lee statue on the Avenue of Stars in Kowloon

Outside the Hong Kong Art Museum

A reflective selfie outside of the HK Art Museum

Victoria Harbour Just after sunrise

After sunrise in Victoria Harbour looking towards HK Island from Kowloon

Travel Quote in empty East TST Station

A favorite travel quote inside empty East TST MTR Station

East TST Station

Just me and one other person at the MTR station

Salisbury Road Quiet

Salisbury Road before sunrise

Kaws Clean Slate sculpture

I was looking for coffee and found Kaws’ Clean Slate sculpture at Harbour City

Victoria Harbour before sunrise

Victoria Harbour before sunrise

Canton Road Quiet

Empty Canton Road in TST

Quiet road in TST

Another quiet road in TST

Nathan Road quiet

Nathan Road with a few more people stirring as I returned to my room around 6 am

What do you do when you have jet lag? Do you have a cure you think is legit?
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  • I usually don’t get jet lag :-). But I appreciate the fact that others are affected by it and thank goodness, or I’d not have these lovely pictures :-).

    It’s great to see the city in this light :-)
    I love visiting cities before people are awake, my favorite is London on a Sunday morning :-).

    • Thanks Kerwin. You’re so lucky! It’s probably because you travel so much your body doesn’t register time at all. Hahaha. I enjoyed seeing the city this way too. Definitely would do more jet lag photos in the future.

  • Dan Jenson

    I get jetlag, my cure is say Hong Kong is to get on there time first thing. Go to bed around the same time you would at home but now on the new time. If that means staying up most of the day f o it. The faster you get on the time zone you are in the better. Do not take a long nap that first day! It will screw you all up. It works I’ve done it many times with great results.

    • I am not a napper and apply all the suggested methods for adjusting to new time zones…but I’m glad my sleeplessness caused me to see a different side of HK. Thanks for sharing your tips.

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