May 2016 Instagram Photos: What I Was Up To

May 2016 Instagram Photos |

Howdy y’all!!! How have you been? Any exciting adventures or trips lately? I wanted to share a run down of my May 2016 Instagram photos in case you are not on it, as well as to keep an online record in case anything ever happens to my account.

I also have been posting less. Lately I’ve been trying to be more present in my life and no so attached to social media. I’ve been way more productive. I’ve also been focusing on getting healthy and feeling so much better (my father passed away in the fall and the grief took a toll on me).


That country life! Still sharing photos from my Georgia trip. This was when we visited the Foxfire Museum in Clayton, Georgia | from Instagram:

Happy Mother’s Day to all the lovely moms I’m missing my late mother ever so much today. I thought I’d share a photo from another mother of mine, my motherland the Philippines. Here’s one of a surfer at Cloud 9 in Siargao one of my favorite islands | from Instagram:

That time I had a Back Street Boy moment in Winnipeg. Did you know that Winnipeg is on Nat Geo’s list of top places to go in 2016? I shared some of my favorite finds in Peg City on my blog.

from Instagram:

I am sharing wanderlust worthy photos from my friends and followers. Tag me in your best travel photos to be shared or use the hashtag #thewandercrew.temple-hoppingto by @alana_margaret who was temple hopping in Kyoto | from Instagram:

Those golden moments – Torrey Pines San DiegoThose golden moments – Torrey Pines San Diego

from Instagram:
California = summer vibes
from Instagram:

What did you get up to this weekend? With these kind of views, I’m sure you can understand why I’m just hanging out for a while…..I love San Diego! | from Instagram:


Quiet morning on the lake – 1 of several things I enjoyed on my trip to NE Georgia. The rest you can read on my blog. Oh and take a photo of your cabin door entry code because you definitely won’t remember it after beers. Hahah!  | from Instagram:

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