Spain On The Brain: Montserrat Edition

Montserrat |
Planning to go to Barcelona? Add Montserrat at least as a day trip! 

Montserrat is a place I had never heard about prior to going to Spain. I was still quite sick when I was exploring Barcelona because I had a lung infection but I wanted something interesting to do. I was getting bored and needed adventure. I had done a day trip to Toledo and heard about Montserrat, so I made an executive decision and did a day trip there.

Montserrat is about an hour and a bit away by train and if I recall correctly I paid about 20 odd Euros for a return ticket. I decided before I arrived to take the cable car up to the monastery. There is an option to take the Cremillera or rack rail to the monastery but I thought I would get some aerial views of the area. I missed my originally scheduled train because my American credit cards and debit cards do not have chips in them. Instead of using the automated ticket machines I had to go to a ticket booth with a ticket vendor. This took up some time since I didn’t realize this was the problem and missed my train by a couple of minutes. I then missed the Benedictine boys’ choir that sings at the monastery. I heard they are angelic and amazing and I’m quite disappointed I missed them. I guess I’ll have to go back! (*US credit and debit cards suck!)

If you have a chance and have time while in Barcelona, I really recommend going. You don’t have to be religious to appreciate the stunning views and atmosphere here. You can even hike around the mountains there if you’re into hiking. I do not practice any faith but my late mother was very Catholic so when I was in Montserrat I did go to the famous Santa Maria de Montserrat Abbey, which is home to the famous Black Madonna statue. I lined up to see it close up and I lit candles and prayed for my mother. European churches are like no other and quite awe-inspiring.

Here are just a handful of photos from my Montserrat trip:


View from the train ride


View from the aerial tramway


Gorgeous light everywhere, magical really


Funicular, I love that word








Santa Maria de Montserrat abbey

Abbey view from behind where the priest stands

stained glass

Gorgeous stained glass

Candles for my Mom

I lit candles for my late Mama

Montserrat wedding

I witnessed a wedding!

Black Madonna

Santa Maria de Montserrat or the Black Madonna

Montserrat selfie

Selfie time!

Tips for Montserrat:
  • You can hire a car to get to Montserrat but I loved the short train journey. It is only about an hour and a bit each way. Take the train from Plaça D’Espanya in Barcelona to Montserrat by taking the FGC train in the direction of Manresa
  • You can choose to either take the Aeri de Montserrat or aerial tramway or take the Cremillara. I’m a little bit foggy about how I got back to the station but I am pretty sure I took the funicular down as I didn’t have proper footwear for a hike. I did some walking around the area but not as much as I’d like to. I am definitely keen on going back, staying around the area, and hike.


Montserrat - An easy day trip from Barcelona |


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