Native Shoes Review: The Perfect Shoes For Travel

Jimmy Boots On The Sunshine Coast of Canada

Have you ever heard of Native Shoes?

Native Shoes is a footwear brand based out of Vancouver, Canada. They are shoes that look like classic shoes you are familiar with but are streamlined lightweight versions.

Here’s what they say about themselves:

Native Shoes exists to enlighten feet everywhere by creating future classics. Inspired by the past and informed by the future we are your shoes for today.

Jimmy Boots On The Sunshine Coast of Canada

Taking in the Sunshine Coast views in my Jimmy boots

Superfly Zipline

Maybe the most epic of adventure shots. Ziplining in Whistler in my Jimmy boots

Jimmy Boots In Scotland

A perfect shoe for mucking about in the Scottish Highlands

Native Shoes are excellent for travel. They are pretty stylish for how lightweight they are. In Asia, I saw many travelers lose flip-flops when getting on and off boats. I have a pair of Jefferson’s which I wore in and around water. They are non-slip and very comfortable. It helps that they look like sneakers too! I’m a sneakerhead! My favorite shoes by Native have to be the Jimmy boots. They were awesome when I was exploring around the Scottish Highlands and when it was wet out. I threw on a pair of warm wool socks and they were perfect shoes for walking around in the leaves and mud. Not only are they great for rain or shine, they weigh next to nothing and can squish down easily in my bag. I have used them up in Whistler when it was winter time too. I just made sure to pair them with heavy duty socks by Wig Wam for low temperatures.

If you haven’t heard of Native and are looking for a shoe that is multi-purpose, definitely consider them for future travels.

Buy Natives for your upcoming travels by clicking on the shoes below!

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