A New York Minute (Or Week Rather)

Grand Central Station - A New York Minute | www.rtwgirl.com

It’s rare that I make travel videos but I focused on shooting video on this particular trip and made a really short New York minute long inspiration video and posted it up on my YouTube. I hope you like it!

A New York Minute video

New York | www.rtwgirl.com

Some things I got into during my New York trip:

A big surprise to many people and myself, I have never eaten at Freemans in the Lower East Side. I have no idea why but it has eluded me for so long. I met up with my friend Connie from Connvoyage. We have been following each other on social media and missing each other all over the world so I’m happy to have finally connected in person. Both of us had never eaten at Freemans so it was nice to cross of two birds :) Sadly our seats inside were in a dark, romantic corner (haha) so no food photos but we didn’t manage to get some good alley ones.

Freemans Alley

 The popular Freemans Alley

Right around the corner from Freemans is one of my favorite places in NYC, Morgenstern’s Ice Cream (do yourself a favor and go go go!).

Connie Hum Connvoyage

Morgenstern’s with a side of Connie

This is one of my dearest pals Leonard. We’ve known each other for almost 20 years!! He, his brother Dan and I worked at a skateboard shop back in our youth.  They are my brothers from another mother and I love them like my own blood. Leo travels more than I do and we can talk into the wee hours of the night about far-off destinations and dream trips we want to take. We actually met up randomly in Paris while I was on my RTW trip. I am hoping we can adventure somewhere this summer because….it’s always handy having a talented photographer along with you :)

Leonard Fong

Sorry I am a crappy photo taker Leo

Grand Central Station New York

The iconic Grand Central Station

When I was in the city randomly there were a handful of travel industry related events. My favorite part about going to them is meeting or reconnecting with people who love travel as much as I do. I know that everyone says they love to travel (anyone who says they don’t is a weirdo) but people who are in the travel industry take it to the next level. They’ve made it their career!

A Hell Love A Town, The World Wanderer, Lola Travels

Left to right: Erin – 10 Miles Behind Me, Erin – The World Wanderer, and Lauren – Lola Travels at NY Travel Fest

I had Sunday dim sum with some local friends in Chinatown. We tried to go to Jin Fong but the wait was crazy long so we went to our usual spot Dim Sum Go Go. I’m happy we went here because we had a Sofia Coppola siting (eeek, love her).

Dim Sum Go Go

Mmm so good! Order the duck dumplings here. They are my new favorite!

After dim sum, I met up with my girl Danielle, The Style and Beauty Doctor, who I went to Dusseldorf on an AirBerlin trip with in February. She was getting ready to go to Trinidad so I was happy she squeezed in a visit.

The Style And Beauty Doctor and RTWgirl

We call this Ebony x Ivory thug faces

We walked Midtown so I was able to snap this bad boy.

Flat Iron Building

I love the Flat Iron Building!

During my conference, I moved from Leo’s place over to the Hilton Midtown. This sign was across the street. How perfect because I love this city!

NYC Love Sign

The Love Sign at 55th and 6th Avenue/Avenue of the Americas

Destination Guides and Tips - www.rtwgirl.com

I went to dinner at the Benjamin Hotel one night and on the way home without knowing, I walked by this place. I love when I walk down random streets without a plan, you walk right by iconic spots in New York.

Radio City Music Hall

Radio City Music Hall

The Canadian Tourism Commission organized the travel conference I went to. This was my second conference and I always enjoy seeing the destinations and brands that I have worked with in the past as well meeting new ones. I also love connecting with other travel writers. I also love Canada…. a lot (I’m Canadian).

Hello BC Virtual Reality Trip

I took a virtual trip to a BC forest. I wasn’t sure what to expect but it was incredibly real and pretty cool.

I had the pleasure of attending the “Women of the Wild West” lunch at the James Beard House in the West Village. The lunch was put on by the Alberta Culinary Tourism Alliance along with Tourism Calgary and the Wines of British Columbia. An all-female chef (plus 1 male) team from Calgary prepared the lunch. I had never thought of Calgary as a culinary destination but I am definitely interested in eating there now.

Here is just one photo from the lunch but if you’d like to see more, I posted a full album on my Facebook page here. This was the second course by Chef Connie DeSousa of CHARCUT Roast House – Pig head mortadella with Brassica mustard & sourdough. It was paired with Mission Hill Family Estate Perpetua 2012. 

James Beard Lunch Charcut

You better believe this was delicious!

Leonard and I walked by this wall in Nolita and he shot this photo of me. It’s by an artist by the name of James Goldcrown and the wall is called “Bleeding Hearts” or “Love Wall”.

Love Wall Nolita

I like to say that being in NYC make me feel a certain type of way

My last dinner was with my friends Leo, Eddie, and Joanne. We went to 99 Favor Taste on Grand Street in Chinatown. It was so delicious and I was still full on my flight home to LA. If you ever have a chance to go, do it but make a reservation. It’s a two-floor restaurant and the wait is still crazy with a reservation. But it’s delicious and you can go the All You Can Eat route. I am not usually into AYCE but this is worth it!

99 Favor Taste Hot Pot Chinatown

I only dipped into the spicy side. I like it spicy!

I also added two new places to my NYC Check out my coffee guide here.

Bluestone Lane Coffee

I may be obsessed with Aussie cafes!

A week in New York is always too short!!! Although I could never live through a winter on the East Coast ever again (living in Montreal and New York City put me off living through a winter forever), I would love to spend a summer there. It’s always inspiring to be in the city and I adore the friends I have there. Maybe this summer? Who knows!? I hope you enjoyed photos from my week in the Big Apple and my New York minute video!

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