Niagara Falls Day Trip: Visiting Without A Car

Niagara Falls day trip |

Is it possible to do a Niagara Falls day trip without a car?

Why yes, it most certainly is!!! In June of 2015, I visited the mighty Niagara Falls and I went carless. My original plan was to do a Niagara Falls day trip with my cousins and their baby. They live in Toronto and have a car and were planning to take me but then their plans changed. Baby Max wasn’t feeling so hot. Very understandable!!! He’s a baby!! But I didn’t let that stop me! I decided I would still head down solo. I just didn’t want to have to drive there. I had done a solo road trip up the West Coast and the last thing I wanted to do is get behind the wheel again, even just for the day.

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Niagara Falls day trip |

The mighty Niagara Falls

I could have rented a car for around $40 Canadian but that does not include taxes, insurance, or gas. I would also have to drive by myself. If I drove, the positives would be having a bit more time but it still takes roughly 1.5-2 hours to get there. Some days I like leaving the driving to someone else. I know there are organized Niagara day trip tours but I like the option of making up my own itinerary.

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Here is my Niagara Falls day trip itinerary: 

  • My cousins live near Lansdowne Station so I took the TTC (Toronto Subway) to Bloor Station, then transfer onto train line going south to Dundas. Get off at Dundas Station and walk. The bus terminal is located at 610 Bay Street, Toronto, Ontario
  • I purchased a last minute Megabus ticket online from Toronto to Niagara Falls. The ticket was no more than $20.
  • At the bus terminal, I didn’t find any signage marked for the Megabus to Niagara. I asked around and finally found the line outside. Don’t be afraid to ask!!!
  • Megabus to Niagara Falls takes roughly 2 hours. I fall asleep easily on long rides and I was out cold after about 15 minutes and woke up just before we got to Niagara
  • Arrives at Niagara Falls Bus Terminal at 4267 Bridge St, Niagara Falls, Ontario
  • From the bus terminal, I took the WeGo Bus. WeGo is a bus system that goes around the Niagara Falls area to all the different attractions and different accommodations. I had a 24-hour pass which costs $7.50, which you can buy at the bus terminal.
  • First attraction: Whirlpool Aero Car
  • WeGo Bus from Whirlpool Aero Car To Table Rock Centre
  • At Table Rock, I walked along the promenade to shoot photos
  • Walked and visited second attraction: Journey Behind The Falls
  • Walked back to Table Rock to eat in the food court area
  • Walked to third attraction: Hornblower Cruise. Got tickets at their stand for one of their cruises.
  • Walked around the area to shoot more photos while I waited for cruise time
  • Hornblower Cruise into the falls
  • Headed back to the Niagara Falls bus terminal. The Megabus for the rest of the evening sold out because I didn’t buy a return ticket earlier in the day. I thought I would be cool with buying something last minute. I was wrong! Megabus goes to Buffalo and vice versa so the buses fill up and sell out. I was hoping to head back later to see the fireworks but was worried that I would not be able to get back to Toronto. I ended buying a GO Train ticket back to Toronto for $18. The direct train had already passed so my option was bus to Burlington, transfer on by train going to Union Station Toronto
  • From Union Station, I took the subway back to my cousins

Niagara Falls day trip |

Post Niagara Falls day trip thoughts
  • I loved leaving the driving to someone else
  • If you don’t like buses, you can take the GoTrain also
  • I have a T-Mobile account and an external battery pack so I was covered for entertaining myself on the rides
  • It would have cost me more to rent a car (gas, taxes, insurance)
  • I should have left earlier in the day especially since I fell asleep on the bus ride there anyway. I could have squeezed in a few more attractions like the White Water Walk
  • The only thing I was disappointed to miss out on is Niagara-On-The-Lake area for the wineries (next time!)

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Niagara Falls day trip |

Have you been to Niagara? How did you get there?!

**Disclaimer: Many thanks to Niagara Parks and Hornblower for their support. Transportation to and from was at my expense. As always, opinions stated are my own.**

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