Oh Hello Asia!

Bruce Lee Hong Kong

Some of you who follow me on social media may have seen me posting photos from Asia. No, it wasn’t a throwback. Yes, I was in Hong Kong and Phuket ever so briefly.

Apologies for the lag in writing…again! I actually took a trip and didn’t touch my laptop till the last day to check into my flight back home. Shocking!!! It was really nice to take that break while traveling. I haven’t traveled without my laptop in a while. I did use my iPhone out there and my T-Mobile account worked great!

This was definitely the shortest overseas trip I have ever taken. I had been planning a trip to go back to Canada to visit my Pops who just moved into assisted living when an opportunity to travel to Asia fell in my lap. I could not say no! I left my heart in Asia and no matter how short of a trip, I just had to go. So I switched some things around, visited my dad for a few hours and departed from Vancouver.

I’ve just returned and have a nice bout of jet lag, stomach issues, and some weird cold but here are some photos to tie you over until I can muster up more energy to write some proper guides. This trip definitely had some awesome highlights that I think you would need to partake in if you find yourself in either place.

Now for some photo highlights:

Avenue of Stars Hong Kong | www.rtwgirl.com HK is sp cool when it’s quiet. Here’s the Avenue of Stars super early when I had jetlag

Hong Kong Harbour | www.rtwgirl.com This was early morning shot from Avenue of Stars looking over at Hong Kong Island from Kowloon

Kaws Clean State Sculpture outside of Harbour City | www.rtwgirl.com

Kaws’ Clean Slate Sculpture at Harbour City

Goldfish Market Kowloon | www.rtwgirl.com Goldfish Market in Mongkok

Neon Signs Hong Kong | www.rtwgirl.com I love the neon signs in the Mongkok area of Kowloon

Big Buddha Phuket | www.rtwgirl.com Big Buddha in Phuket

Singpatong Muay Thai Gym Phuket Early morning training at Singpatong Muay Thai Gym

Coconuts all day I had as many of these as I could. Loveeeeeeee!

Phang Nga Bay We lucked out and our friend took us on a speedboat through Phang Nga Bay

Villa time in Asia | www.rtwgirl.com A friend runs AwesomeVillas.com. This is not a dream, it’s really real

Well, there’s just a handful of photos from my trip to HK and Phuket. I have seriously several hundred more to share and details that will help your future trips there. Now I’m going to dose up on some green juice, vitamins and try not to take a nap even though it feels like it’s the middle of the night right now. Bye for now!


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