Olloclip Lens For Travel Photography

Iona Beach in Richmond BC |

Last year I was given a fun little accessory for my iPhone called an Olloclip. It is a quick connect lens solution for your iPhone. It has a fisheye, wide-angle and a macro lens. It’s an all in one small package that fits into your pocket and in the palm of your hand. It’s super fun if you are into taking photos with your iPhone.¬†This is an awesome gadget for travel photography. It doesn’t take up much space and it would enhance any travel photo of cityscapes, landscapes, portraiture, etc. As they say, the best camera is the one you carry and I always have my iPhone with me!

Here are two examples of photos that I took while I was in Vancouver, Canada for a quick hometown visit. I still need to mess about with the macro lens but so far, so cool! Thank you Olloclip for upgrading my lens for my new iPhone 5!!!

Vancouver Using the fisheye lens to photography my friend Dan

Lighthouse Park West Vancouver Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver

To purchase this fun gadget for your iPhone or iPod, click here.

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