RTW Travel Essential: Petzl Head Torch/Head Lamp

Petzl Headtorch for RTW Trip - Paris Catacombs

One of the most common questions I am asked about my trip is, “What did you pack?”. It’s hard to pack your whole life into one bag for a month, let alone 19 months. Many travelers who take a RTW trip tend to stay in one region with one climate. Nope, not me. I originally planned to follow the sun but went to Australia and New Zealand in the summer, SE Asia which is pretty hot all the time and ended up in Europe in the dead of winter. One of my most valuable items was my Petzl head torch.


The photo below was taken at the Catacombs in Paris. There is light down there but being the wuss that I am, I needed extra and just happen to have my head torch in my purse.

 Above photo credit: Leonard Fong

Everyone either seemed to pack either a flashlight or a head torch. Prior to leaving, I read a blog post by a girl who camped out on the Great Wall of China and said it was great to have the ability to be hands-free for dark nights and having your arms and hands to balance. I saw another post about reading in the dark on overnight buses or trains and not disturbing the people around you. The best use of my head torch was on Palawan in the Philippines where we only had electricity from 6pm to midnight. Everything shut off at midnight which included the lights at the town bar we frequented. Stumbling back to our beach bungalow was an adventure and the torch was, at that very moment, the best thing I packed. 

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