Philippines Instagram Photos From My RTW Trip

Philippines Instagram Photos |

I wanted to share a small collection of my Philippines Instagram photos that I shared on an old Instagram account that I had before my RTWgirl account.

When I was on my round the world trip, I visited the Philippines twice! I first went for a month in February/March of 2011. I didn’t plan on going back but since I added extra time to my trip and was in Asia, I ended going back in 2012 as a visa run from Bali and to meet my Pops.

I love the Philippines so much!!! It’s where I was born and it is one of the most beautiful places I visited while I was on my RTW trip. The people are so kind and the scenery is unreal. Picture postcard perfect! I know I sound partial but I think it’s not hard to love the place!

Here are some of my Philippines Instagram photos:

Philippines 2012

Language options on an ATM!

Philippines 2012

Random run in with DJ JRocc at The Do Over in Manila

Philippines 2012

Paraw boats in Boracay at White Beach

Philippines 2012

Early rise to catch another plane to another island paradise

Philippines 2013

Hanging with my surf crew in Siargao

Philippines 2012

Street hooping in Makati

Snacks RTW

Pinoy snacks!

Philippines 2012

Always epic sunsets in my motherland!

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