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I’m back in the Vancouver area again after my quick post-Vancouver Sun Run Harrison trip. I’m hanging out with my family and friends and trying to catch up on some photo editing and writing and exploring. I have so many photos from my road trip adventures that I took plus all the photos from my GoPro dash cam for the time-lapse video I’m hoping to produce. Whoa! Here are some images from either my phone, my cameras, or the GoPro. These images were shot after San Jose.

Photos from my “Road Trip Adventures – Northbound”

Rainbow Tunnel - Waldo Grade

This is the Waldo Grade or Rainbow Tunnel as you drive into Marin County after the Golden Gate Bridge

Ukiah Window Shot

How much did I want to stop and do wine tastings in Mendocino County?!

Paul Bunyon And Babe

Paul Bunyon And Babe In Klamath, California

Just out of Crescent City

Dash cam photo from heading north from Crescent City, California

Oregon Coast Border

A selfie at the border?? Thanks to my tripod and DSLR

Oregon Coast

Crissey Field State Park in Brookings, Oregon. Kind of amazing on the Coast!

Meyers Creek Beach, Oregon

I had to pick and choose where to stop or else I’d stop every 5 minutes. This is Meyers Creek Beach

GoPro Dashcam in Oregon

Driving over many bridges via GoPro Dash Cam

GoPro Dash Cam Oregon

More from the GoPro Dash Cam. Love the changing of scenery, from palm trees to evergreens

Mount Vernon Tulip Festival

I didn’t stop in Washington State other than in Mount Vernon to check out the Tulip Festival!

Tulips Mount Vernon

A close up of some tulips in Mount Vernon. I try not to use flash but it popped on for this shot

Border Between Canada & USA

The Peace Arch Border Between Washington State and British Columbia, Canada

After staying in San Jose with Cassie and Kevin from Ever In Transit, I drove up the 101 some more. I was trying to not to drive more than 8 hours a day since I was driving solo. I found nice, clean, well-priced accommodations courtesy of Air Bnb in northern California. I decided to stay there a night before heading into Oregon. It was so much cheaper than staying in a motel or hotel. My host was lovely and even made breakfast for me before I hit the road. After Northern California, I drove along the Oregon Coast till about Florence and then it started raining heavily. I figured it would be dismal photo opportunities, so I moved east to the Interstate 5 so I could cut up quick to Portland. I have a few friends in Portland and stayed two nights. One of my friends just got a job and moved from LA just as I left on my road trip. I wasn’t able to say goodbye so I thought I would say hi! I’ll save my Portland activities and amazing eats for a separate post, there’s so much good stuff going on there it deserves its own post.

After Portland, I drove north towards Canada. I drove up Interstate 5 but got stuck in horrible traffic. Luckily I was able to catch a bit of the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival before sun down. I wouldn’t be able to catch it on the way back so I was pretty intent on seeing a bit of it. On the way south I am hoping to do the coast and the Olympic Peninsula and then hopefully Crater Lake in Oregon. I had to make it up in time to meet some friends in Vancouver since we were running the Sun Run 10K together. Once I got to the border, I stopped shooting video with my GoPro. I figured the border agents wouldn’t be too happy about being filmed and then it was very dark once I got over the border.

I’ll be posting more photos onto my Flickr album here in the next few days. Keep an eye out for my time-lapse!! I love road trips!! Don’t you?


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  • Ah, your Crissey Field and Meyers Beach shots are fantastic! I need to get up to Oregon again. And the Tulip Festival — I thought you had taken a detour through the Netherlands :)

    Glad you had a safe trip and are enjoying your time in B.C.!

    • You do!! I love the coast. Hoping to get back down there but I am also dying to go to Crater Lake and see some of the other wonders of Oregon on the way south. I’m so happy I got 15 minutes of tulips, otherwise I’d have missed them for another year or more. Thanks Cassie!! xo

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