Rocky Mountaineer Day 2

Lake Louise Train Station - seen from the Rocky Mountaineer train |
Looking for Rocky Mountaineer inspiration? Look no further! 

Hi, travelers!! If you have been following along or just come looking for info, I am sharing Day 2 of my Rocky Mountaineer unplugged experience. Day 2 of my train journey takes us from Kamloops, British Columbia to Banff, Alberta.

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On the first day of the First Passage to the West route, we stopped for an overnight stay in Kamloops. Since the whole purpose of the Rocky Mountaineer is its scenic view, the train doesn’t travel at night. Just like our first day, Day 2 also started early for our journey towards Banff. Rocky Mountaineer picked us up at our respective hotels and accommodations, drove us to the Kamloops train station, and then loaded us all on the trains well before 8 am. Our overnight bags were handled and everything was taken care of. We were split into groups for the dining “room” so as the other group was sent off to eat breakfast. While my group waited, we were served coffee and scones. I am sure that I gained weight from all the tasty food that I ate on the train ride.

The scenery throughout the train journey was amazing but some of my favorite views were from the second day. As we moved closer to the continental divide and the Canadian Rockies, everything became majestic. It was cool to see certain places from the train tracks and make mental notes for future trips. I am keen on going back to Yoho National Park. Having grown up in BC, I realized how little of it I have really seen.

My Rocky Mountaineer Unplugged Day 2 photos: 

Shuswap Lake From The Rocky Mountaineer |

Here we are passing Shuswap Lake, BC. In the summer, loads of people rent houseboats and chill/party on this lake. I’d always heard about Shuswap but never even seen it. I think I’d be down for some chilling on the lake!

Revelstoke from the Rocky Mountaineer |

Here we are passing through the town of Revelstoke. They have epic snowboarding around here and even some of my good American friends experienced it. One day I’ll come back to go snowboard here!

Kinbasket Lake, BC seen from the Rocky Mountaineer |

I loved seeing Kinbasket Lake. I couldn’t believe the color of the lake. Look at how minty it looks!! Truly amazing! BC is so stunning!

Kicking Horse River BC seen from the Rocky Mountaineer |

Caught the train weaving beside Kicking Horse River. I don’t have a photo but there were some folks rafting on the river in different parts as we journeyed east.

Canadian Pacific Train seen from the Rocky Mountaineer |

A wave from a passing train

Cooking Inside the Rocky Mountaineer Kitchen |

I got to take a little peak inside the train’s Goldleaf Service kitchen. It’s really amazing the level of cooking they can do inside these tiny moving kitchens!

Yoho National Park seen from the Rocky Mountaineer train |

Pass through Field, BC, and Yoho National Park. This is the gorgeous Wapta Lake which is also along Highway 1 (Trans Canada Highway) if you are driving.

Yoho National Park seen from the Rocky Mountaineer train |

Just epic scenery in Yoho National Park!! I am dying to go back here!

Continental Divide - Rocky Mountaineer Unplugged Day 2 |

Here we are crossing the Continental Divide and going through the spiral tunnels. A spiral tunnel is used by railways to help climb up steep gradients.

Lake Louise Train Station - seen from the Rocky Mountaineer train |

Here we are passing Lake Louise Train Station – so cute!

Rocky Mountaineer Elk siting!

I had an elk siting! He was moving fast and I didn’t have a proper zoom lens but I caught him. Yay! I was hoping for a bear sighting but it was too early in the season! During the trip, we also saw eagles and ospreys.

Getting Into Banff National Park

Journeying through the stunning Banff National Park.

For much of the latter par48 t of the train trip on Day 2, I stood outside in the vestibule of my train carriage. I wanted to breathe the fresh air of the Rocky Mountains and have a good vantage point to take photos. Having no access to a plug for my laptop to do work and no Wi-Fi on board was awesome! There is no reason why you should be connected on a trip like this. This came at a perfect time when I needed a break from the internet and being too connected!

**Disclosure: Many thanks to Rocky Mountaineer for this experience. As always, all opinions stated on my blog are my own.**

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