Round The World Girl?? Who Is She? What’s Her Story?

Cape Reinga + 90 Mile Beach: Dune Rider Tour |

Hello hello, my travel friends!! 

If you have come to this page you are probably trying to figure out who the heck is this Round The World Girl (RTWgirl) person is.

Sydney Selfie - Round The World Girl |

A Sydney selfie

Hi!!! My name is Arnette! In 2011 I embarked on a round the world trip that took me through 19 countries over a total of 19 months. When I was on the road I met many travelers and we would chat during our day tours or over beers or dinner. When you are with strangers you share stories about yourself. You talk about where you have traveled or where you are heading. People were curious about how and why I left to go on a round the world trip. Jaws would drop and people would ask me, “How long have you been gone?? Where have you been???” In the grand scheme of things, doing a round the world trip isn’t all too common. People were in shock and awe and some started calling me “Round The World Girl”. That is how I got my nickname and the name of this blog which I started in late 2012.

Shibuya Selfie - Round The World Girl |

In Shibuya/Tokyo at the busiest crosswalk in the world

Don’t be shy!! Take a look around the site, say hi by sending me a message or commenting on some posts! I started this blog originally as a resource for friends and family who wanted some travel tips and guides for the places that I traveled to. I never imagined that it would grow to anything bigger but it has and now I’m doing this for you!!

Cape Reinga + 90 Mile Beach: Dune Rider Tour |

At Cape Reinga on New Zealand’s North Island

Prague Winter Style Crossbow Selfie - Round The World Girl |

At the Prague Castle shooting a crossbow

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