RTW Travel Essential: Universal Plug Adapter

Universal Travel Plug Adapter

In this day and age of traveling with a ton of gadgets, gear, and jet-setting, one of the biggest must travel must-haves is a universal travel plug adapter. This is an important essential for round the world trip since you’ll be in different countries with different voltage plugs. 


The world has not agreed on one voltage which drives me crazy. I needed a universal travel plug adapter so I can plug my laptop, charge my camera batteries and all my other gear while traveling around the world. I originally purchased the Conair universal power adapter. It made it through Asia and then over to Europe with me but was stolen in Spain. I ended up purchasing plugs along the way for the rest of the trip which was costly. There is a Muji one that I love but the third or ground hole didn’t fit my older Macbook. Having a single plug adapter is so much more handy, you just have to make sure you have an extension cord when plugs are limited in places like hostels where there’s a room full of travelers needing to charge up. Tumi also makes a flat one now that looks really cool.

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Here are a handful of different choices for universal power adapters:

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