San Francisco Guide: Coffee Edition

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What are your favorite San Francisco coffee shops? 

I am no way am I a San Francisco coffee expert but I’ve been lucky enough to have some local friends take me to their favorite cafes when I visit. I wanted to share a list of a few Bay Area roasters that I have been to. There is no reason you need to go to a Starbucks in this city unless you’re in a jam for wi-fi!

Here’s a coffee Google map I made that you can download to your phone!

Now for my favourite San Francisco coffee roasters:

Philz Coffee – Not crazy science projects, just an awesome cup of coffee. They don’t even make espresso. A small lineup during peak times but worth it. Several locations throughout the Bay Area and even Los Angeles now. If you love a dark roast, their Jacobs Wonderbar is amazing!!

Philz Coffee San Francisco Coffee Guide |

Philz Coffee Santa Monica |

The mint mojito at Philz is sooooo good

Blue Bottle Coffee – A bit more serious but definitely tasty. Several locations around the city. Their HQ is in Oakland.

Bluebottle San Francisco Coffee Guide |

Kind of high tech coffee

Four Barrel Coffee – This doesn’t look like a coffee photo…but I believe in killing two birds with one stone when traveling. I went to Tartine Bakery (a must in SF also) which serves Four Barrel. Do it and tell me if you regret going to Tartine. I would stuff my face with their pastries every damn day.

Four Barrel Coffee & Tartine Bakery San Francisco Coffee Guide |

Four Barrel iced coffee and cake at Tartine

Sightglass Coffee – Have a coffee and a Hooker’s Sweet Treat. Yum!

Sightglass San Francisco Coffee Guide |

A great space and coffee shop in SOMA

  • I’ve not been to Ritual in The Mission but I hear it’s quite good too. Must check it off my list next time.

Let me know in the comments if you have any other favourite coffee shops in San Francisco. I am sure that I will be going there again and I love trying out new places

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