Sarong: Be Sure To Pack This Multi-Purpose Item For Your Travels

Balinese Sarong |
Need packing tips for your round the world trip? Be sure to pack a sarong!

Before I left for my big 19 month, 19 country round the world trip, I bought a packable quick-dry travel towel by Sea To Summit. I read many packing lists by other round the world trip travellers and followed suit. This towel was amazing, don’t get me wrong. It rolled up tight into its own carrying case and it dried quickly for when I had to pack it and put it back up into my bag. The only problem for me was that when I needed a beach towel in Southeast Asia, it was a tiny square and not a very good one. But while I was in Bali for several months on my round the world trip, I bought a beautiful sarong from a beach vendor (be sure to haggle!!!). That purchase changed everything for me!

Packable Towel by Sea To Summit |

Sea To Summit Towel

Besides being a beach towel to lay on, the sarong was also a regular towel, a skirt, a dress, a curtain in my hostel dorm for privacy, a headscarf and a scarf for when it was chilly in air-conditioned rooms. It dried quickly and packed up tightly as well. And the best part of all?? It was a beautiful souvenir from my travels. I definitely recommend buying one on the road and then having it in your luggage. Give a try, it’s really much better than a regular old towel. I know many travellers besides myself who also feel the same way!

pack a sarong

Seen above is a beautiful Balinese sarong that I picked up on the beach….one of ooohhh about a dozen.


Pack A Sarong

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