Snowboard Packing List: What To Pack For Your Snowboarding Adventure!

Snowboarding with Nancy Green at Sun Peaks |

Planning to go on a snowboard trip soon? I just came back from a 5-day trip to wine country in British Columbia, Canada which included loads of wine touring along with snow adventures like dog sledding and snowboarding. I thought I’d share a snowboard packing list to help you prepare for future snowboard trips you may have.

Complete Snowboarding Packing List

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Snowboard Packing List |

 Tech & Gear
Toiletries & Makeup
Travel Insurance

With a winter vacation where I am participating in activities like snowboarding, I always book travel insurance. I can try to be careful on the mountain, go slow, and wear a helmet but it’s still impossible to predict what could happen. From past experiences, while traveling and having to go or taking my friends to a hospital, I’m a stickler for travel insurance. Anything from flight delays, cancellations, lost luggage or injury is possible on a trip, so travelers going on a ski or snowboard trip should consider Allianz Travel Insurance when it comes to traveling.

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Travel Style Birkenstock Arizona Want Les Essential O'Hare Tote

A photo of my Want Les Essential tote that I carry as my carry on with my laptop and necessities

For The Flight & Day 1 (Winery and dinner)

I always wear the most clothes for my flight. So I wore my Nike Avant pants, white v-neck, and red plaid flannel underneath my Uniqlo puffy. It wasn’t too terribly cold up in the Okanagan region (always check the weather) so this outfit was fine to arrive in. I threw my fleece underlayer on once I got to Canada. I prefer to wear easily removable shoes for the flight since we have to remove them at security so I wore my N.D.C. boots.

For Sleeping

I wore my Nike sweats and a Heat Tech layer for pajamas. I don’t sweat that much in the winter luckily.

Touring Wineries Day 2


A morning walk through Therapy Vineyard

Mission Hills Winery

I’m here to drink all of Mission Hill’s wine!

Snowboarding with Nancy Green at Sunpeaks

Snowboarding with Olympic legend Nancy Greene (in my Burton Girls snow gear!)

Touring Wineries Day 2
Touring Wineries Day 3 and drive to Sunpeaks For Ski & Wine Festival 
Snowboard Packing List + Dog Sledding 
Snowboard Gear

Dog Sledding GoPro

I didn’t pack my snowboard this trip and prefer to use my own gear but since we were going to be touring wineries for a few days before, I didn’t want to leave my gear in our van. If I was going directly to the mountain then I would have.

Wine Makers Dinner 

The dinner was in our hotel so there was no need for extra warmth!

Journey Home

We drove from Sunpeaks back to Kelowna Airport to fly home to California. I wanted to be warm and comfortable and then be able to de-layer if I got too hot. Also, remember about space in your back if you want to bring things home. Since I was coming home from BC Wine Country and do not have access to BC wines in California, I wanted to bring some back for my friends.

I did pack a few things that were unnecessary but cut them out of this list since I didn’t use them. If you have access to a washer and dryer in your accommodations you may be able to even bring less. Because I brought my snowboard boots and helmet, I had to check in quite a big bag.

Do you have any suggestions for a snowboard packing list? Please leave them in the comments below!

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