Sony RX100M3: Photos From My Mirrorless Camera And Why I Love It

Sony RX100M3 Cocoron |
Looking to switch to a mirrorless camera? I love my Sony RX100M3!

My friends often ask me what kind of camera I shoot with. I have several cameras since I’m a bit of a gear head. I have this thing for gadgets and if I had endless amounts of money I would probably buy new cameras all the time. I still shoot with a Canon DLSR (not pro) and I took it and several lenses on my round the world trip. I’m thrilled that I did and that I shot a lot of photos while I was traveling (backing up is another thing, though!). But over the past few years, I haven’t been keen on carrying all that gear with me. A friend of mine recommended getting a mirrorless camera a few years ago. I found a Panasonic that was really cheap and bought it but alas, I spilled a water bottle on it and killed it. To replace it, I got a Sony RX100M3 in mid-2014. Since that purchase, it’s rare that I’ll take any other camera with me other than my GoPro or iPhone.

The Sony RX100M3 is very small. It isn’t quite pocket sized…perhaps a jacket pocket. But the camera definitely fits into one of my small purses. It’s the best size for travel. The only time I ever dust off my DSLR is when I want to shoot with a zoom lens. [Please note that I’m not a professional photographer. I can’t even call myself an amateur or a hobbyist. I just like to document things.] Besides shooting great photos, it also takes awesome video. I was happy to find out that my nephew’s girlfriend who’s a big Youtuber shoots on the same camera!!

Here’s NYC video I shot using my Sony RX100M3:

Here are some photos that I shot with my Sony RX100M3 (very lightly edited):

Sony RX100M3 |

Phuket vibes

Sony RX100M3 Dusseldorf |

Neuer Zolhoff by Frank Gehry in Dusseldorf

Sony RX100M3 Cocktail|

A cocktail in DTLA

Sony RX100M3 Whistler |

Salmon risotto at Christines on Blackcomb Mountain

Sony RX100M3 Squamish |

The Sea to Sky Gondola in Squamish BC

Sony RX100M3 Toronto |

A night time view of Toronto from the CN Tower

Sony RX100M3 Niagara |

Horseshoe Falls at Niagara Falls

Sony RX100M3 Murakami |

A sculpture by Takashi Murakami

Sony RX100M3 Cocoron

Soba at Cocoron in NYC

Sony RX100M3 NYC |

Rush hour at night from the Brooklyn Bridge

Sony RX100M3 Emirates Business Class |

Lux time at the bar on an A380 Emirates flight

Sony RX100M3 Cannon Beach |

PNW vibes at Cannon Beach

Sony RX100M3 Bandon |

Face Rock in Bandon, Oregon

Sony RX100M3 Avenue of Giants |

Admiring the Redwoods at Avenue of Giants in NorCal

Sony RX100M3 Calgary |

Wonderland by Jaume Plensa in Calgary

Sony RX100M3 Autumn in Vancouver |

Autumn leaves in Vancouver

Sony RX100M3 Golden Ears |

Forest love at Golden Ears Provincial Park

Sony RX100M3 Vancouver at night |

Vancouver at night

Sony RX100M3 Vancouver at night |

Another night time shot of Vancouver

Sony RX100M3 Selfie |

Using the flip screen! A perfect selfie camera!

I’m pretty happy with the photos and video that the Sony RX100M3 takes. It’s small in size making it a perfect travel camera. I actually had a mishap and had to get the camera fixed which luckily my insurance covered. I would have replaced it with the same camera or the next model up if I had to. I love it. I’ve shot with Canons since I was a teenager but this Sony is a real game changer. It’s a bit on the pricier side but the output really makes it worth it. The battery life is pretty awesome. I can usually go out for a couple of days and be okay with a single charge. Oh and did I mention that can transfer images via an app to my phone so that I can share to social media in a snap?! Yes! There are so many bells and whistles to this camera. The only con for me is the timer. I wish that I could set it longer. The longest I have is about 10 seconds. I don’t think there’s a timer remote but if they make one, I would buy it in a heartbeat.

My Sony RX100M3 set up |

My rig – small and lightweight. I use the tripod for stability or when I’m shooting video

If you’re looking to spend a little less you can always get the older models, RX100 or RX100M2. They just don’t have the newer upgrades or the flip screen. It seems a bit vain to love the flip screen but it really is handy when shooting video.


Click on the photo to learn more or buy the camera from Amazon:

Sony RX100M3

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SONY RX100M3 |
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