Stowaway Cosmetics: Travel Friendly Make Up + 5 Minute Make Up

Stowaway Cosmetics |
This is for the ladies who love makeup!!

I recently heard about a brand called Stowaway Cosmetics from my beauty blogger pal Danielle. They were kind enough to send over some samples for me to play with. While the brand isn’t necessarily a travel makeup brand, it is very travel-friendly. It’s for the ladies who are always on the go. That’s me and most likely you!!!!

A little about Stowaway Cosmetics (from their site):

Stowaway Cosmetics was born over breakfast (and too many cups of coffee), when Chelsa Crowley and Julie Fredrickson were comparing makeup bags and venting over never finding the cosmetics they loved in the sizes that better fit their lives. Both were frustrated by the large, heavy items that always expired before they were finished. Julie had what she liked to call a “free gift with purchase problem” and bought sets and subscriptions just so she could get to the sizes she preferred. Knowing they weren’t the only ones fed up, they decided to create Stowaway.

Luckily, together they had the perfect skill set to create a brand. Chelsa who began her career as a makeup artist, worked in-house at Clinique for many years and more recently worked on editorial and online content for Bobbi Brown. Julie spent her entire e-commerce and entrepreneurial career in digital marketing. They joke that they are the yin to each other’s yang and came together to offer smart beauty solutions to women just like them.

They sent over a few things for me to try:

Stowaway Cosmetics |

Effortless eyeliner, Cheek & Lip Rouge, and Creme Lipstick

Overall thoughts: I’ve been in this no makeup mood lately since I’ve been a hermit but I’ve managed to try their products out a handful of times. I love the eyeliner (spice) as well as the rouge (burnt rose). Both are definitely staying in my makeup bag. I don’t really wear lipstick and the shade of this lipstick that was sent is a bit on the light side, so I probably wouldn’t wear it. I can pass this onto one of my fairer friends or my sister in law. I would be keen if they made a small sized lip gloss. Those are always kind of gross when you’ve had them for a long time.  As for lip colors, I’m probably more of a “fig” colored person if I were to try another color. I’d love to try their mascaras since I tend to be the type of gal who buys the trial size at Sephora. I wear contacts and my eyes are sensitive so I need to toss out my mascara regularly.

I really love the philosophy of the brand and everything about it. I love the color and design of the product. I love that they chose grey since it is one of my favorite colors. I’m not overly girly. I love the size of everything. It’s travel-friendly on top of being the right amount so none of it gets funky because you’ve had it so long. I’m totally into paring down these days so if it can be compact in my luggage or purse, I’m all for it!!

I am not much of a beauty or fashion blogger but I thought I would share how I make up my face. I can’t do the whole contour and makeup program, I’m too lazy. This is how I usually make up my face since I am usually in a hurry especially when I’m traveling.

Here is my 5 Minute Face! 

Stowaway Cosmetics + 5 Minute Make Up |

A no makeup selfie

Step 1. 

Somme Institute - 5 Minute Face |

I use these Transport Pads by Somme Institute. Kind of in love. Exfoliates and keeps my skin in check

Step 2. 

Stowaway Cosmetics + 5 Minute Make Up |

Loving serums these days! This is the one by Somme Institute

Step 3. 

Stowaway Cosmetics + 5 Minute Make Up |

I use this multi-tasker by Stila to even out my skin tone as well as put some SPF on my face.

Step 4. 

Stowaway Cosmetics |

Add some color on my cheeks with this Stowaway Cosmetics Cheek and Lip Rouge

Step 5. 

Stowaway Cosmetics + 5 Minute Make Up |

Fill in my brows. I use Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade but in a hurry, I like cheap pencils like this Milani one

Step 6. 

Stowaway Cosmetics + 5 Minute Make Up |

Keep those brows set! This girl has her late Pops eyebrows :/. I use Maybelline Great Lash clear mascara

Step 7. 

Stowaway Cosmetics |

Line the bottom lashline with my Stowaway Effortless Eyeliner

Step 8.

Stowaway Cosmetics + 5 Minute Make Up |

A quick swipe of some gloss. I use this Dior Lip Maximizer.

Step 9.

Curl lashes with Shu Uemura lash curler. A quick swipe of mascara.

Finished Face 

Stowaway Cosmetics + 5 Minute Make Up |

Lately, I haven’t been powdering my face. If I get greasy later in the day I will but I am into a more dewy look.

What do you think of my 5 Minute Face and Stowaway Cosmetics?

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