T-Mobile: Why It’s The Best Phone Plan For American Travelers

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Looking for a mobile carrier that is travel-friendly? Go with T-Mobile!

T-Mobile loves American travelers! Yes, that’s right! Well, I’m not American but live in California and have an American mobile phone. Right before I left on my road trip to Canada in late April of 2014, I made the executive decision to switch from my 8 years long relationship with Sprint and move over to T-Mobile. Why did I make the switch? Because a two of my friends who are the biggest world travelers I know switched over. I had been debating switching carriers for a while but was waiting for someone I knew who had already done it and approved.

T-Mobile For Travel


T-Mobile currently offers an incredible mobile phone plan for travelers that does not tie you into a contract. It is perfect for a commitment-phobe like me. While I haven’t been to an overseas country since my round the world trip, I do spend a substantial amount of time in Canada every year and have plans to travel overseas next year.

I signed up for the unlimited “Simple Choice Plan” with unlimited talk, text, and data on the network. I also get unlimited 4G LTE data including up to 5GB of smartphone mobile hotspot service. There are several levels starting as low as $50 and up to $80 for unlimited. Click here for a comparison chart.

The best part about this phone plan is the included data roaming and texting outside of America. When I drove up north to Canada it was so awesome to not worry about switching off the data and tell people not to text me. I still thought I was going to get an astronomical bill and when I got the email that my bill was available, I closed my eyes and winced. When I opened my eyes and there were no roaming charges or crazy surprises, I admit to doing a little dance. I love T-Mobile!!

T-Mobile For Travelers

And while it hasn’t been blazing fast all the time in Canada, I have been able to get my iMessages and text without worrying about being dinged for every single one. What’s funny is I had LTE service in Winnipeg but not Vancouver! In my last few visits, I bought prepaid SIM cards from 3 different Canadian carriers. Each one was just for data which costs $50 for 1GB of data on top of having to pay my Sprint bill. Highway robbery I say!! Canada may be the world’s most expensive mobile phone plans. It was always so shocking to me that 1GB of data in Indonesia, a third world country, was about $11 for a month.

I always had to call my previous carrier Sprint every month about some problem, usually a billing error. The worst was when they promised me they would grandfather in my discount into my new plan if I signed a two-year contract in 2012. I said are you sure? I don’t want to sign a contract if I don’t get this discount that I’ve had since 2006. The customer service agent said yes I promise. Then a month later, I get an email saying my discount is no longer going to be available. I called and the person who I spoke with said there is nothing I can do. I even asked to get transcripts of my previous conversation. They said they were not available which is total BS because they record everything and have quote me on things in the past.

I love that T-Mobile doesn’t have a contract. I do pay $10 a month insurance plan that includes the “Jump” service so if a new phone comes out I can upgrade without having to get out of my contract and pay an up-charge. I love that they are also paying for my early termination fee with Sprint. I’m so happy to have cut that tie!!

Are you debating? Are you on the fence? I’ve had my phone with T-Mobile since late April and since have been in Canada and loving it. I hate having to switch out my SIM card every I traveled outside of America. If you travel outside of the country a lot, I would definitely consider it.

**UPDATE: It is now 2016 and I’m still pleased with my service as someone who travels quite a bit. I spent 3 months in Canada, traveled to Hong Kong, Germany, and Thailand and was able to access internet and text without any hitches.**

**Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post. As a traveler, I am happy with my decision to switch to T-Mobile so I wanted to share the money savings with everyone else. Links shared in this post are affiliate links. You are not charged extra to buy but if purchased through the retailer I recommend, I earn a tiny commission for the sale. Purchases through affiliates help me with the cost of running this site and sharing helpful travel information with you, my fellow traveler. It’s always appreciated if you use my affiliate links but never expected. Thank you for the support.**

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