Review: Tracer Deluxe Stylus By STM Bags

I love multi-purpose items with a passion. If a product can do one job, great! More than one, bonus!

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When I was at a travel conference in Toronto, I met up with an accessory company called STM Bags. I wasn’t too familiar with them prior to the show so I popped by their booth to check them out. Their main focus is bags but they make accessories like iPhone and iPad cases and stylus pens. I am new to owning an iPad and didn’t really see a need for a stylus. I was fine with swiping with my finger. At the end of our meeting STM Bags kindly gifted me with a “Tracer Deluxe” stylus pen. In the past two weeks since I received it, I’ve been fiddling around with the Tracer Deluxe. I have to say I now love stylus pens. It’s so much smoother on the iPad and touch screens plus there’s less fingerprints and germs on the screen. But what makes me love this stylus more than any other one is its extra tools. Besides being a two colour pen (black and red), it has two very useful tools for the traveler. There is a sim card ejector pin which is great for when I travel to a new country and have to change sims. The other tool is a mini screw driver; perfect for tightening up sunglasses and eyeglasses.

stylus 2

If you’re considering a stylus pen for your tablet or perhaps even a gift for someone who does have an iPad, I suggest this one. The less things we can pack for travel or for the office, the better! Click here to purchase.

**Disclosure: Thank you kindly to STM Bags. As always, opinions expressed are my own. Links in this post are affiliate links. In no way is this any extra cost to you if you make a purchase but I earn a tiny percentage of the sale which helps me with the costs of running this blog.**


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