Travel Makeup: What I Pack In My Travel Makeup Bag

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Doing a round the world trip with one bag didn’t stop me from bringing a travel makeup bag or force me to stop wearing makeup on my trip. I don’t wear a lot in general and I wear even less when I travel but I did have times when I needed to appear more polished. Most of my travel days I just wore sunscreen with a little bit of blush, pumped my eyelashes with my eyelash curler and swiped on some mascara. Many days  I was barefaced because I was on the beach or out in the water swimming, snorkeling, or surfing.

I like to use 2-in-1 products since I can get lazy about primping. There were many times on my trip when I found myself going out dancing with friends, attending nice dinners, and even attending art gallery openings on a moment’s notice. A budget backpacker, I am not! I love seeing what’s in other people’s medicine cabinets so I thought I would share what was in my travel makeup bag for my RTW  trip.

Here’s what was in my travel makeup bag (what I use on the regular):

I wasn’t too worried about running out of things on the road when I traveled. I came across Boots Drugs in Thailand,  Watsons in the Philippines, and there’s Sephora in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. There are department stores that carry high-end brands and of course if you’re in a place long enough, you can have items shipped. But the best part is finding products that are only available in a certain country or region. Australia was fantastic for organic skincare and brands I’ve never heard of before like Aesop (now dominating the whole world), Jurlique, and Trilogy. If you’re in Hong Kong be sure to check out Sasa. It’s like an Asian beauty emporium all over the city. I spend a ton in there stocking up on Asian beauty products. I love the airport duty-free as well. The duty-free in Dubai was great as is Singapore and Hong Kong.

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