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Vancouver Beaches - English Bay |

A lot of people forget that even though Canada is known for being a cold country, there are still beaches! Vancouver is blessed with many since it is a coastal city. I wanted to share a few of the best Vancouver beaches and my favorites!

Vancouver Beaches Favorite – English Bay

Most people will encounter English Bay Beach Park when they visit Stanley Park. You either enter the park on this side or come out of the park right into English Bay. There’s some sand to lay on or grassy areas. It’s close to a lot of cafes and restaurant so you can grab some food and have a beach picnic. I love coming here for a sunset and to meet up with my friends who live in the West End.

Vancouver Beaches - English Bay | English Bay Beach

Vancouver Beaches - English Bay Beach | Another angle. Looking towards Stanley Park
Vancouver Beaches Favorite – Second Beach 

Stanley Park, the world’s best park voted by Tripadvisor, has two beaches within the park. Second Beach is one of them and it also has an outdoor pool that is heated, a concession stand, public bathrooms, a playground, and lifeguards. It’s along the seawall or you can also drive here and park your car nearby in a pay lot.

Vancouver Beaches - Second Beach |

Photo credit: Flickr

Vancouver Beaches Favorite – Third Beach 

Third Beach is another beach inside Stanley Park. You can get here by car and park in a pay lot or along the seawall on a bike or by walking (a while). There are concessions stand and public bathrooms. This one has a bit of a younger folk, hipster vibe.

Stanley Park Third Beach |

Vancouver Beaches Favorite – Kits Beach

Kitsilano Beach is very popular. When I was in high school I would take the bus from my parents’ house in the suburbs for hours to get here almost daily. We would lay by the volleyball courts or by the basketball courts. There are a newer concession area and pub that was built recently. It can be a bit of a “scene” here but always great people watching. If you want a different vibe but want to go to Kits, I absolutely adore Kitsilano pool. It’s one of the best public pools around. There’s an admission into the pool but it’s worth it IMO.

Vancouver Beaches - Kits Beach | Photo credit: Flickr

Vancouver Beaches Favorite – Jericho Beach

Jericho Beach is a bit further west than Kitsilano if you keep driving along West 4th Avenue past Alma Street. There is a concession here as well as public bathrooms and picnic tables. It is pay parking around here.

Vancouver Beaches - Jericho | Photo credit: Flickr

Vancouver Beaches Favorite – Spanish Banks

Spanish Banks is a popular beach close to the University of British Columbia on the west side of the city. It’s popular with families and those with kids. I still love it though because it has a really nice chill vibe. You can barbecue on this beach which I love and parking is free! If you have a dog, there’s an off-leash area for the pups. There are bathrooms as well as a concession stand.

Vancouver Beaches - Spanish Banks |

Vancouver Beaches Favorite – Wreck Beach

Wreck Beach, in my humble opinion, is probably Vancouver’s best-looking beach. Three major things to note about Wreck Beach:

1) It’s clothing optional meaning you will see naked folk and not necessarily modelesque body types.

2) There are 500 steps to get down to the beach, meaning there are 500 steps to climb up. When I was a young and more in shape teen and twenty-something, I would nearly collapse from climbing up the stairs

3) Because of the 500 steps, this beach is patrolled less by authorities. Vendors will come by, often without clothes on, selling anything from edibles to beer.

Vancouver Beaches - Wreck Beach | Photo Credit: Flickr

Vancouver Beaches Favorite – Centennial Beach

Centennial Beach is located in Delta, one of Vancouver’s suburbs. I came here with my brother and his family one day. I loved the very chill vibe here. It’s very family friendly!

Vancouver Beaches - Centennial Beach |

Vancouver Beaches - Centennial Beach |

Skimboarders at Centennial Beach. Photo credit: Flickr

Vancouver Beaches Favorite – Ambleside Beach

Ambleside Beach Park is located in West Vancouver just north of Vancouver over the Lionsgate Bridge. I don’t come here that often but I like it because it gives you a different visual perspective of Vancouver. Besides the beach, there’s a concession here, grassy areas off-leash areas for dogs, and a skatepark.

Vancouver Beaches - Ambleside Beach | Photo credit: Flickr

Here is a Google Map of the beaches so you can find them easier!

There are more Vancouver beaches as well as ones located in the suburbs but these ones are my personal favorite that I frequent or used to frequent. Have you been to any of them? Which are your favorite Vancouver beaches?


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