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Stumptown Purebread |

I don’t consider myself a crazy coffee snob but I do prefer to support a small local shop over a big corporate. I like a good strong cup of coffee or if I can get one, a flat white. The Vancouver coffee scene is getting considerably better but in my opinion, it still has a long way to go. Starbucks really took claim of the city for a while and I’m really happy that independents are opening up and holding their own.

The Best Vancouver Coffee Shops |

If you’re looking for a decent cup, here’s where to find them in Vancouver. I’ve broken it down via neighborhood but of course, some shops have locations in several neighborhoods.


Click here for my Google coffee map.

Now for my Vancouver coffee guide!


Timbertrain Coffee Roasters Gastown

Timbertrain is my Gastown fave as of late

Revolver Coffee Gastown |

Revolver in Gastown

Revolver Coffee Gastown |

Revolver  in Gastown, I love their cold brew bottle

Stumptown Purebread |

If you’re around Hastings near Gastown, Purebread Bakery serves Stumptown Roaster coffee

East Vancouver:

Basho Japanese Cafe

Basho Japanese Cafe is so kawaii

Basho Japanese Cafe Green Tea Latte |

Green Tea Latte at Basho

**Please note that the Japanese cafe called Basho has been closed and taken over by an old employee. It is now called Yama Cafe. I have not tried it out personally but reviews look good and it looks like they serve the same things. I will change this once I get to check it out personally or send someone I trust to give me a thumbs up!**

Mount Pleasant:

Matchstick Coffee Roaster Mount Pleasant |

Matchstick in Mount Pleasant. They also have a cafe in Chinatown

Gene Coffee Mount Pleasant

Gene serves cortados. Some say it’s too hipster-y but it’s Mount Pleasant!

Elysian Roaster

Elysian opened up a new shop on 7th and Ontario just two blocks from Main Street

Riley Park:

Le Marche St George Vancouver |

Tucked away in a quiet ‘hood is Le Marche St George. It’s a coffee shop/cafe/market and it’s amazingggggg! It’s an old converted home and I love all of the locally sourced products and tasty sweets!

Le Marche St George Vancouver |

Everything tastes awesome


Elysian Coffee |
Elysian on Broadway

South Granville:

Flat White at West Elm Market |

West Elm Market on Granville serves flat whites

West End:

Greenhorn West End |

Greenhorn Cafe in the West End serves cortados!

Milano Coffee Roaster
Milano serves flat whites and you can find them on Denman Street and in Gastown


Matchstick Coffee Chinatown

Loving Vancouver Chinatown these days. Matchstick has a spot on Georgia Street

Matchstick Coffee Chinatown

I heard my barista’s Aussie accent and coerced him to make a flat white!

Please note that I am missing a coffee shop on Commercial. Back in the day, I used to go to the Italian cafes but I haven’t been that way in ages. I would also suggest Nelson the Seagull in Gastown but don’t order their flat white (it’s not a proper flat white). The space is super cute and a great place to work if you need a coffice.


The Best Vancouver Coffee Shops |

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